MAPS Newsletter 3rd april 2020

On Monday 20th April our google classroom will go live again after the Easter holiday. This was scheduled to be a training day. To ensure our staff are continuing to be supported with their work and to give continuity for yourselves at home we will be taking the following approach:

  • Weekly phone calls will not be made on Monday 20th April, but will commence again on Tuesday 21st April
  • There will be no live Q&A session with teachers on Google Classroom, this will commence again on Tuesday 21st April
  • Teachers will access live online training
  • Teachers will still upload work to google classroom in the morning for you to complete

Many thanks for your understanding and support,

Miss J.D. Hives

DRET home learning challenge

Thank you to all of you that took part in the home learning challenge this week. There will be a new challenge for a different curriculum area each week - the next one is writing! We, as a school, are very excited to see what you can create each week. Lets aim to the Trust winners.

If you can, search #DREThomelearningchallenge on twitter, and you will see all of the entries so far which will include the MAPS winners from this week.

You can also tweet the learning your children do, if you have twitter, and add the hash tag DRETHomelearningchallenge.


EYFS: Anna and Finn

Year 2: Logan and Scarlett

Year 4: Harry and William

Year 5: Luca and Haolin

Well done to all of you! Here is a look at some of their work...

At MAPS we know how important it is to look after our body and minds.

This is our first #mindfulMAPS activitiy

One beautiful idea that has you can do at home is create a positivity jar.

Each day you write down something you have enjoyed, learnt or grown from.

This is written down and placed in the jar.

At any point the jar can be revisited as a reminder of the good we experience.

Not every day is a good day but there is something good in every day.

Here are some of the things the staff at MAPS have been enjoying

Mrs Smyth - We’ve been walking the dog around our village

Miss Cooke - While at home I’ve been enjoying time with family and trying to get better at art.

Miss Khatun - I have finally been able to make biscuits with my sister

Mrs Pyrah - Since home learning has started, there have been many activities I have enjoyed with my family. We have painted, played with water, made dens, made rice crispie cakes, eaten lunch outside and danced around the house to music. I have started making accessories for a fairy garden which I will be putting together soon. I have made fairy doors and a swing set from sticks and a little house from moss. This is ongoing and I am excited to make more. We have been missing our family in other households so have called them every day and written quizzes and made games for each other to play.

My favourite activity has been clapping on a Thursday evening to thank all of the key workers for all that they are doing.

Mrs Bailey - In our house, we have enjoyed having the opportunity to be more creative with things around us. We have been using our imagination to turn junk into creations...my art skills are not the most advanced, but Freddie doesn't seem to mind!

Here are the monsters that we created this week. I'd love to see some of the arts and crafts you might have been completing at home. Have you got any ideas that could inspire me for activities with Freddie?

Mrs Davies - I’ve been enjoying being in the garden and allotment! It has been nice to be able to spend longer in the garden with my children, taking notice of the nature and how it is changing at the moment.

Mrs Pheasant - I wanted to send a hello to all the lovely children from Ivy and me

Miss Barre - Last week, I spent time with some children who were in school. We loved being out in the sunshine, gardening with Mrs Brown, painting rainbows and making homes for the mini beasts on the playground.

It has been lovely speaking to parents this week and catching up with the children. The perseverance they have shown during this time is admirable - keep being amazing!

Miss Headworth - Been at school, me and Miss Kennedy have enjoyed the DRET sport challenges

Miss Elliman - I have spent some time creating a scrapbook on my New York adventure. Something I haven’t usually found time for. It’s helping me to remember the good times and that more adventure awaits when this is all over

Mrs Munnelly - The Munnelly kids dressed in blue for the #Dress4 NHS

Miss Wade - I have been enjoying getting back into drawing. It’s a great way to spend time and it helps me relax! It’s also fun getting creative.