Cup Spoon Pencil XL


Cup Spoon Pencil XL is a short film about a man whose world seems normal. Xavier, sits at his kitchen table, early in the morning. Dressed and ready to start his day. But who can start their day without a nice cup of coffee, a croissant and the daily crossword puzzle found at the back of the Sunday paper. However Xavier isn't the only one solving the crosswords...or is he?


Xavier pulls out the coffee pot from the machine and poor himself a tall mug. He pours a little bit of sugar and cream into the drink then mixes it with a spoon. He grabs a croissant, places it on a plat and with his breakfast ready, sits down at his kitchen table. The time is 7:10 am. He takes a bite out of his croissant, mixes his coffee with his spoon; then pull out a folded newspaper. On the newspaper is the Sunday crossword puzzle. Xavier takes a pencil and begins to think as he fills in the easy question. He gets stuck, pauses to think for a minute, then rubs his beard. He reads the question out-loud. A voice out of the view of the audience speaks. He agrees, and writes it into the blanks. He continues until he gets stuck again. He reads the question out-loud again. Another voice, distinct from the first speaks. He agrees and writes it into the blank. He continues again, until he gets stuck. He reads the question out-loud again. Another voice, again distinct from the original two speaks. He agrees and writes it into the blank. He continues. The anonymous voices are revealed. A giant spoon, cup, and pencil, sit across from him on the other end of the table.


Toronto Star

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