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The Transfer Student Success Office in Academic Affairs acknowledges that we are on the traditional territory of the Kumeyaay.

For millennia, the Kumeyaay people have been a part of this land. This land has nourished, healed, protected and embraced them for many generations in a relationship of balance and harmony. As members of the San Diego State community we acknowledge this legacy. We promote this balance and harmony. We find inspiration from this land; the land of the Kumeyaay.

We recognize that students may be viewing this web presentation or zooming in from various locations. Therefore, please take the time to view the following database below, which recognizes the traditional territories across North and South America and Australia, and New Zealand.

Congratulations on your admission to SDSU and thank you for choosing SDSU to complete your undergraduate studies!

  • This summary of tools and resources was developed by our SDSU Transfer Student Success Office to better support new transfer students during their transition.
  • For recommendations to improve this resource to benefit future SDSU transfer students, please email: transfersuccess@sdsu.edu
  • Please note, our transfer success team does NOT manage new transfer student orientation.
  • For transfer student orientation questions, please email the New Student/Parent Programs Office at: orientation@sdsu.edu
  • SDSU Class Schedule (be sure to select the correct term (eg Spring 2022) in the upper left menu
  • Course registration questions if students are not vaccinated
  • Why is SDSU planning largely for in-person instruction?
  • Vaccination requirement questions
  • Exceptions made to the requirement for medical, religious or personal reasons
  • Where and when can I upload evidence of vaccination?
  • Vaccination proof questions for students taking fully online classes
  • Click on the tab below for additional questions


  • To access all SDSU services, all students must show their SDSUID card
  • To receive your SDSUcard you will need your RedID # and an acceptable form of Identification.
  • Acceptable forms of identification when getting your SDSUcard: U.S. State IDs, U.S. Driver's License, U.S Passport, U.S. Temp Driver's License with photo, U.S. Law Enforcement ID, Department of Justice ID, Department of Homeland Security ID, and Department of Treasury ID.
  • Need your RED ID number? Click below.
  • Want to purchase your SDSU card online? Click below.


All new and continuing SDSU transfer students are expected to: (1) Review and practice using the following summary of tools and resources in order to understand major & graduation requirements. (2) Use this summary of tools/resources to prepare for future academic advising meetings and aid in your transition to campus.

To support your transition to SDSU, we encourage you to participate in various SDSU events/meetings to stay connected before your transfer student orientation date!

All transfer success events or meetings will be promoted via our Transfer Student Success Newsletter. Email studentsuccess@sdsu.edu if you are not receiving communications.

  • IMPORTANT: Academic Advisers & Major Advisers do NOT have access to your transcripts and what courses transferred over for credit until your orientation date. You will receive your updated degree evaluation at New Transfer Student Orientation.
  • Academic advisers/advisers are who you see for academic advising questions
  • Counselors at SDSU are referred to professionals at Counseling & Psychological Services, Staff at the Student Ability Success Center (formerly Student Disability Services), Counselors at Career Services. Some students may have access to their EOP counselors (if admitted into the EOP Program).
  • Please exercise patience during this time as all-new student admit transcripts are being processed.
  • You will receive help at new transfer orientation on your first semester class schedule planning AND we encourage you to become familiar with all advising tools below to become familiar with courses you will be able to enroll in.


  • Web Portal
  • University Catalog
  • SDSU Class Schedule
  • Major Adviser Directory
  • College Success Centers
  • Degree Evaluation (also known as your Degree Audit Report)

SDSU WebPortal

Log into the WebPortal for:

  • Admission status check
  • Class schedule and registration
  • Official transcripts updates
  • Update your official contact information
  • Apply to Graduate

Review the University Catalog

All new fall 2021 students will follow the 2021-2022 University Catalog. Access and bookmark the website by clicking on the button below. The Catalog includes important university guidelines and information regarding academic programs.

Access the SDSU University Catalog Online

  • Read major course descriptions ahead of time (this will help you register for your class schedule during orientation and moving forward)
  • Review minimum grade point average requirements for your major
  • Review major impaction requirements
  • Read Upper-Division requirements (General Ed & Major courses)
  • Read about other major requirements

SDSU Class Schedule

The SDSU class schedule is online

You can view the course schedule three terms out (example: fall 2021, spring 2022, and summer 2022).

Use the left-hand menu and search for courses by term (e.g. search by Course, Department, College or General Education).

Be sure to change the period to the correct term before you search for courses (e.g. Spring 2022).

Note the ability to search by class type (e.g. Distance-Online; Evening, Distance-Blended/Hybrid, etc).

New Student Registration Guide

A step-by-step registration guide provides you with the information you need to pay your tuition and fees, plan your schedule, and register for classes.

Get an early start on your degree....and stay on track to graduate.


  • Graduate earlier or on schedule to save $$ on additional tuition and book costs
  • Increase your earning potential by entering the workforce sooner
  • New fall transfer students may be eligible to take summer session courses

Major Adviser Directory

ADVICE FROM TRANSFER ALUMNI: Know who your major adviser is.

BENEFITS OF MEETING YOUR MAJOR ADVISER: Ensure you are progressing within your major, advice for undergraduate research opportunities, advice for graduate school, connect about major requirments and more.

See the major adviser directory below for contact information.

To schedule an appointment with a major advisor please review SDSU's EAB Navigate system

If you are unable to connect with your major at orientation, you can schedule with your major adviser after transfer orientation AND before the add/drop deadline

College Success Centers

New fall transfer students are encouraged to visit their college success center or connect with college contacts before or after transfer orientation. The centers provide academic advising support for your major and a connection to additional college/department student success resources.

REMINDER: If you have academic course planning questions - your transcripts are still being processed but you may seek consultation about summer, fall, or spring questions.

Understand and Use Your Degree Evaluation

All New SDSU Students Must Watch the video above to review the steps to: (1) Use your Degree Audit Report, (2) Review an In-Progress Degree Audit & (3) How to run a What-If Degree.

All new SDSU students will access their Degree Evaluation (Degree Audit Report) at their new transfer orientation date to register for classes. All students are required to watch this video BEFORE their orientation date. You will log in directly to view and use your Degree Evaluation to plan your Fall, Spring or Summer class schedule.

Credit: Offices of Evaluation & Registrar

Your Degree Evaluation is also known as the "Degree Audit."

It will become your second most valuable resource after the University Catalog.

Your Degree Evaluation outlines everything you are required to complete in order to graduate from SDSU.

It is personalized specifically to your course requirements and major plan. You can view your degree evaluation online through the SDSU WebPortal. (accessible at your transfer orientation date and until you graduate).

The Degree Evaluation updates regularly as you satisfy your degree requirements and is referred to as a "living document." It is your #1 resource to help you track your progress toward degree completion!

Credit: Offices of Evaluation & Registrar

SDSU EAB Navigate

SDSU Navigate is an online tool to connect students to faculty, staff, and campus resources. Students can access their EAB account with their SDSUid email and can utilize it to schedule an appointment with various advisors and offices across campus.


Students are required to use their official SDSUid email for official SDSU communications. To expedite how our campus offices serve you, please include first and last name, RedID, and major (if applicable) when you communicate for help.

Student Financial Center Banner

Get assistance with questions related to financial aid, scholarships and student accounts.

Log into the Financial Aid & Scholarships website to access your AidLink portal, and apply for scholarships via Aztec Scholarships.

Log into the Student Account Services website to access your Student Account, where you can pay tuition and fees, see account activity and statements, and enroll in direct deposit.

Connect with a counselor via the SDSU Student Financial Center

Open Monday – Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm

SDSU AidLink

All students should review their Aidlink portal for important information on financial aid eligibility, loan activation, and documents needed to process their financial aid award.

Student Ability Success Center

If you were supported by disability services (or DSPS) at your previous college(s), SDSU’s department that provides disability support services is called Student Ability Success Center (SASC).

NOTE: SDSU student support through SASC requires NEW students to complete an application process. This is not an automatic process and must be initiated by each student.

To start the application process, visit:

To connect to a SASC staff member if you have specific questions, please contact SASCinfo@sdsu.edu.

SDSU Testing Office (WPA Information)

  • All incoming transfer students must satisfy basic proficiency requirements.
  • Students in the following majors summarized on the testing website may also get an email reminder from their department or adviser
  • All SDSU students are required to satisfy the CSU Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement [GWAR].
  • All undergraduates must demonstrate competency in writing skills at the upper division level as a requirement for the baccalaureate degree within the CSU system.
  • View the information via the tab below

Career Services

Career Services staff members are here to serve you with your job, career, internship, mentoring, and hiring-related needs.

SDSU's Career Guide Handbook is the complete career-readiness tool for undergraduates, graduates, alumni and others.

Want to connect with Career Services? Visit the virtual front desk below.

Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Access some free or low-cost Academic Websites & SDSU Online Resources. (e.g. Google G Suite, Microsoft Office, Adobe, SDSUid, Zoom, Canvas & more)


In accordance with the SDSU policy, all official SDSU communications from the university shall be sent to student's official SDSU email addresses (e.g. jdoe1234@sdsu.edu).
  • Students are responsible for checking their official SDSU email addresses to stay current with SDSU communications.
  • Don't miss out on important campus information! Check your SDSU email daily!

Students should only use their SDSU email when contacting faculty, staff, or other offices across the university. Please include first and last name, RedID, and major (if applicable) when you do


SDSU's learning management system is called Canvas. Canvas is a course management system that supports online learning and teaching. Your professors can post grades, course information, and assignments online. Students are required to log-in using their SDSUid Email.


Your overall health and well-being is a top priority and necessary for you to succeed throughout your undergraduate studies and beyond.

Visit SDSU's health & wellness page below for resources that support a holistic approach to your personal health

Virtual Support and Resources for Students

Access the button below to view SDSU's central clearinghouse to find specific student support services and resources

  • Advising
  • Technology
  • Academic support
  • Student services and more


Set your sights high - transfer achievement opportunities in your near future

  • Learn about SDSU's official, national transfer student honor society Tau Sigma
  • Apply to the Weber Honors College!

Weber Honors College

  • Smaller Class Sizes
  • Graduate with an Honors Interdisciplinary Studies Minor (13 units)
  • Can complete minor in 2 years
  • Academic Advising Support
  • Academic Engagement Opportunities
  • Connect with community who share the same aspirational goals as you
  • Private library study room access
  • Study Abroad opportunities
  • Research, scholarship and creative activity opportunities


  • Official campus-wide transfer specific student organization - open to all majors
  • Join the TSOA community
  • Connect with peers who share the same goals
  • Step into a TSOA student leadership role
  • Attend general body meetings
  • Contribute and support fall or spring term TSOA events
  • Volunteer and apply your skill sets to give back to the transfer community


Campus Map

  • Campus Map is available online.
  • Students can access the map online or choose to download a PDF version.
  • NOTE: Please be sure to check your SDSU ID email daily for updates and visit the SDSU Flex website for repopulation information

Parking & Transportation

  • Parking Permits are required for all students to park at SDSU Parking lots and structures. Review the information below for Fall 2021 parking regulations.

NOTE: Before purchasing a fall 2021 parking permit - check repopulation updates on our main website

Purchase Parking permits through the Aztec Parking Portal.

Housing & Residential Education

Housing is available for Upper-Division students. Transfer students can explore Affiliated Off-Campus Communities and Online Housing Resources.


Library resources are available for all new fall transfer students.

On the library home page, utilize the red button on the right side of the home page "Ask Us" to access the Live Chat for questions or support.

  • 24/7 Librarian help
  • The Computing Hub
  • Course reserves
  • Interlibrary loan
  • Library Collections
  • Tutoring
  • Citing Help

Library Coronavirus (COVID-19) News & Resources

Successful Academic Planning

Become familiar with the Virtual Student Support Resources site, including virtual advising and technology tools

  • Reflect and write down short and long term goals.
  • Use a planning system that works for you (e.g. Academic planner or Google calendar).
  • Review and stay on track with the Academic Calendar
  • Meet with an adviser before the add-drop deadline every semester. Remember to schedule your appointment through EAB (Fall 2021 Add/Drop Deadline is September 3rd!).


The SDSU Veterans Center is an all-inclusive information center and support facility for prospective and current veteran, active-duty and dependent students. Staff members assist them with applying to the university, utilizing military benefits, finding housing and searching for on-campus jobs.

Visit SDSU's Cultural Centers

SDSU's Cultural Centers support students by:

  • addressing equity, justice, and inclusion.
  • facilitating student learning and growth through programs and events
  • facilitating intergroup dialogues to address pressing issues;
  • providing additional student programming to support SDSU's diverse student population

Associated Students

Learn about leadership opportunities in A.S! Engage in student government. Represent and advocate for our transfer student community by stepping into a leadership role or connecting with A.S.

Questions about SDSU's Repopulation Plan? Visit our main campus website to stay up to date
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Questions about the Weber Honors College? Email: honors@sdsu.edu



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