Life Literacy Map By: Torey crosswhite

Hello, my name is Torey Crosswhite, and I am so excited to share with each and everyone of you my Life Literacy Map that describes Books that made a large impact on my life and helped turn me into the person I am today! I encourage each and everyone of you who have not read one or two of the books below to take a look at them one day, and read them. When growing up I never enjoyed reading, writing, spelling, and not even talking. After countless counselors and doctor visits, multiple test and doctors trying to diagnosis me with crazy things, no answer was to be found. However the one person who never gave up on me was my Great-Grandmother Geneva (MAMAW). My mamaw was the only woman that heard me talk as a young child, and most importantly she was the only adult that I thought believed one day I would learn like the other kids in my class. She is the reason I am still standing here with you today! My hope is that one day my experiences helps the impact you have in children's life that possibly are dealing with similar situations.

Dr. Seuss's A B C (An Amazing Alphabet Book!)

This book is significant to my life and my early literacy years because this book was a learning tool that my mother used to introduce me to the alphabet. The book above is a great tool to use to catch a students eyes because it used big and abnormal looking animals These types of books give students an opportunity to make connections and remember pictures that go with letters.

The Foot Book By: Dr. Seuss

This book was the first book I ever remembered being able to read without the help of any parent or guardian. My mother still has this book in my baby book it will be something that I read to my children one day!

Clifford's Best Friend By: Norman Bridwell

When growing up, my favorite TV show was Clifford the Big Red Dog! This book is significant to my life because it was the first book that my great-grandmother bought for me one day while we were out on our weekly garage sale adventures. After the garage sale that day we went home, and she began teaching me new words throughout the book, my love for animals developed during this time in my life.

The Berenstain Bears Go To School By: Stan and Jan Berenstain

The significance of this book will forever have the greatest impact on my life. My great-grandma at a very young age began reading to the grandchildren every first day of school. She continued to read this book to me up until she passed. My great-grandmother utilized my love for The Berenstain Bears to grab my attention and taught me that even bears go to school. This helped the fear and sadness when dropped off at the first day of school every year. She told me that after the first day I wanted to read it everyday of my Kindergarten year, five or so days later there were no tears and I began loving school.

The Rainbow Fish By: Marcus Pfister

When I was in Kindergarten my sister was going into 3rd grade. My sister loved reading to people and she thought I was the perfect candidate. This book was her favorite book to read to me because we shared a pet fish and we called the fish rainbow. After listening to my sister read to me before too long she told me I began telling her to listen to me read. This helped develop, and improve my social skills, reading ability as well as my confidence in reading.

The Berenstain Beans And Too Much Junk Food By: Stan and Jan Berenstain

As a child growing up I loved drinking pawpaw's black coffee and sometimes a cosmic brownie that he would not tell my nanny about. When my mother found out about my pawpaw's and I secret love for junk food she told me she read to me this book instead of giving me a punishment. When reading this to me she said I realized that not everything in the cabinet is something I am allowed to eat. She said that I was interested in the book from the start because I would say that anything a Bear said must be true. This book help continue my love and passion for reading.

Arthur Tricks The Tooth Fairy By: Marc Brown

This book played a significance in my early literacy years, because as I got older word recognition, and pronunciation became extremely difficult for me. However I enjoyed watching Arthur on TV after school so my mother thought that it would be a good idea to tie in my looseness of teeth to a book that I enjoyed. The copy I had was a sticker book, and it gave me the opportunity to make a relation between the words in the book with the stickers.

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie! By: Laura Numeroff Illustrated by: Felicia Bond

This book is more than just a book that I enjoyed to read as a child growing up, it is the book I used to teach my cousin to read when he was in 2nd grade. My cousin drew was held back in the 2nd grade because he was struggling very hard with reading and pronunciation as was I when I was his age. We used this book to develop repetition and recognition of words. This book developed a foundation for his confidence, and now that he is older and he can read the book. He gives me to what I gave to him by calling me, and reading me the book aloud.

Junie B. Jones 25-Book Set Bus By: Barbara Park

The Junie B. Jones book collection was the first Box Set I ever received, and I complete reading all books in the collection. These books taught me a lot through school and these a book are what made school fun for me. It was a struggle to finish because reading was not always my favorite, but this collection was a gift at a very young age from my great grandmother. After she passed away the great-grand children took some time to go through the old play room and there is where I came across every single book in the collection. When in reality I thought they had ended up in the trash over the years, because I would always have them all over the house trying to read to someone. These books made a strong enough impact on me that I will keep them in my classroom library once I become a teacher

The Comeback By: Louie Giglio

This book is a recent book that I just finished, I bought this book myself after a PASSION Conference that I attended January 2, 2017, in Atlanta, Georgia. When coming to college I still had not developed the love for reading that I had wanted too. After attending this conference I challenged myself to buy five books form the speakers that spoke during the conference and read them. I am currently on my third book and loving reading more and more each day. I have even started reading different types of books; The Comeback book taught me that there was more to life than what is happening right now, their is such a more beautiful and bigger picture yet to come. I now have this mindset on my love for literacy and teaching because I now see past obstacle that currently stand in front of me.
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