How Bad Air Comes Back Air pollution is worsening now that population is increasing in many cities

Air pollution in Delhi is worsening now that cars are polluting even more. In Delhi, if you look at the weather app on your phone, the one word you might see is “Smoke”. Almost all of the city is now enveloped in thick smog. A 2015 study blamed the air quality if Delhi for over 30,000 early deaths. But it’s not just Delhi that’s full of smog. Cities like London, Beijing, and NYC are full of smoke, and this year, The Eiffel Tower was covered in polluting smog. Many European cities have strict environmental rules, but are still being hit by lot’s of smoke. But even though this is all happening, Mayors such as Sadiq Khan, mayor of London, are soon going to make rules so that diesel vehicles will have to pay $15 to enter the city, while PZEV or Hybrid vehicles will not have to pay for entry to the city.

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Muhsin Hameed

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