Growth in Technology lEILANI M PRUNEDA

Technology to me is a tool that can be used by anyone to connect to others or connect to different resources. I have distinct memories about the technology I’ve used throughout my life. To go back to the furthest memory of technology in my life, the memories are many. This may be for a lot of young adults, especially today with technology being at its highest point.

My first memory about what I thought was “technology” was a desktop computer. This computer was for everyone in my family to use, I was about 8 years old and I remember my parents saying it was for “everyone” but we all agreed that it was my older sisters who at the time was about 18 years old. She would use it to browse the internet, do homework and chat online. Only being 8 years old, the rules to using the computer for me, were if I had my homework done. Even then, my only two options on the desktop computer were to either paint, or play 3D pinball. I loved painting because I felt like every time I got another chance on the computer, I’d learn something new. Other than that, I remember being completely fascinated by the desktop computer and wanting to be in my sisters room to watch her chat online with her friends from school.

Then in about 6th grade, for my birthday there was nothing more that I wanted then to get rid of my pink razor cellphone, and get the new iPhone everyone was talking about. All I knew was that there was no buttons, there was a front and back camera, it was expensive and you could get different “apps” that would allow you to install games. Sure enough, thankfully for my 11th birthday, I believe I got the iPhone 3G. I was so fascinated with able to use “emojis” and add them to my text, contacts, notes and post online. Shortly after, I made an instagram, then a twitter and used facebook on my iPhone. So I didn’t have to wait to get home and check my social media, I could do it at school and be online at school. But, I also only had a certain amount of cellular data on my phone, so I knew I had be careful. Up until the iPhone 6 Plus, I’ve had just about every iPhone, and I could definitely say each upgrade has had more and more technology added to it. Some are water proof, others use finger print, and have enough storage that you may not ever run out.

But my junior year came around and I asked my parents for an Apple MacBook Pro, which I knew was going to cost way more than my iPhone. But I vividly remember wanting one because I wanted a laptop that would be similar to my iPhone that I would be able to maneuver and use apps like iMovie, and be able to text, and still be able to do homework. So that summer I worked and was able to save up enough money for my official MacBook. I was so excited to learn about all the new tasks, updates, and apps on my laptop, and of course to be able to have my very own laptop that I could accessorize myself. Ever since I got my new laptop, I am still learning new little details, and with each update, there is something new to learn.

My first memory of technology that has impacted my life began with a desktop computer and up until the first day of DTC 101, has been my MacBook Pro. We have come a very long way, and I have learned so much through technology.

The desktop computer was the beginning of my first technology experience. It was what motivated me to run home after school and get my homework done. Because I could not wait to be able to get some time on the desktop before dinner. Especially the first couple weeks, it was tough, or so I thought, because my turn almost seemed like an eternity. My parents bought it in hopes that each one of my siblings would be able to use it for school and we did, but we also started exploring and figuring out different features that the desktop would do, and even my parents at that point were impressed.
The iPhone 3G, was my favorite piece of technology for a long period of time. I really thought I would never get rid of it. I feel that it was the beginning for me, because it was my own. I was able to use the internet, call and take pictures online or on an app and post them straight from my phone. That was my favorite part when I would hangout with my bestfriends we would all be on our iPhones, discovering apps, and editing pictures. I guess you could say that was the beginning for my generation.
I have a photo of a collage that has the three apps I would use the most when I got my first iPhone. I’m choosing to add these apps because they were an important part of using my iPhone. I learned how to navigate each app. I used facebook to start off with, because it was more well known and used the most at the time, for me anyways. Then, my friends and I remember all of our parents using facebook so we decided to start using a different social media. I started to use instagram, and upload photos. Then, we started to discover Twitter.
My first MacBook Pro is what led me to discovering what I loved to do. Before I got my laptop, I knew all of the features it had, because my older sister had just got one. So after I knew I really wanted one, but of course my for my parents it was for “school”. I didn’t fully discover how much I could do until I took a Com210 course at WSU. We were required to buy adobe and had to make our own content for a blog. We made videos, advertisements, and learned to properly use Photoshop. After that class, I just continued to use Adobe because there’s an endless amount of things you can create on ut, and it comes handy quite often.

The pinball 3D game on the desktop computer was my ultimate favorite feature. I loved to get home and play it. Like the desktop, it is also what motivated me to get my homework done right after school. I think I was so fascinated with this game because it wasn’t playing snake on my parents phone, or watching my brothers play on their Nintendo. It was myself, the big screen and the loud sound affects. Aside from Pinball 3D, I liked to paint. I would use the different tools like brushes, or spray paint to create a photo. The best part was at the end you could add it as a screensaver, for everyone to see. That always gave my family a good laugh.







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