Kgaogelo Mabelane Tikae Maestro

Kgaogelo Mabelane

Musician, Producer, Software Engineer

Kgaogelo Mabelane is a highly multi-talented creative driven by excellence in everything he does. He is a jack of all traits and slowly becoming a master of all. He has a wide variety of interests and passions which intersect to form a beautiful tapestry of ingenuity, uniqueness, and originality.

Kgaogelo (or TK as some know him) is formerly trained in Bachelor of Science from the University of Johannesburg. He completed his Honours degree in Computer Science, Specialising in Artificial Intelligence and Project Management. He has worked in the industry for 8 years in corporate, and has a passion for developing websites in his spare time. He has recently decided to re-align with his passions and switch roles from software programming and coding, to business analysis and strategy, where he is able to flex his strengths as a strategic thinker.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you are right..

Tikae Maestro - as he is known to musicians around South Africa, taught himself to play the piano at the age of 7 when his father bought a Roland E66. The ability to hear music and instantly play it won him much acclaim in his early years, but he never thought of it as a talent to be improved upon, let alone a gold mine of musical treasure ready to be exported to the world. It was only in university when he started to take it seriously and get involved with notable musicians in the industry.

To develop himself as a musician, he completed a course in Jazz Performance, Arranging and Music Business at the Central Johannesburg College. This enabled him do bring his ideas to life for others to hear, and it wasn't long until his songs were topping some of the radio charts. He had his first taste of studio work and music production in 2010 at Orangotang Music when he worked on the award winning group We Will Worship's first album, which earned them a MetroFM award. The production bug had bitten and he bought his first pair of speakers and DAW software. Since then he has been growing from strength to strength in leaps and bounds, earning awards for most albums he has been involved in as either band director, producer, songwriter and sometimes all 3. Some of the Awards include Best Producer and Song of the Year (Mzansi Gospel Awards 2015), and Best Gospel Album Nomination (SAMAs 2012).

Some of the works Kgaogelo has worked on as a Music Director, Producer, Songwriter and Arranger.

In 2016 Kgaogelo was fortunate enough to excercise all of his musical talents in one album. The Mmuso DVD was recorded live at the SABC Studios, in which Kgaogelo proudly wore his Producer hat. He worked with Jonathan Crossley, who recorded and mixed the work. The album was aired on national television on christmas eve and has received much acclaim and is expected to win a couple of awards at the upcoming SAMAs and MetroFM awards to be held soon.

One of Kgaogelo's greatest attributes is his passion for problem solving. His zeal and thirst for that elusive high he gets when he comes up with a solution, is what drives him to excel in strategic thinking. His creative streak adds unique takes to situations and often leads to innovative solutions. This natural ability to break a problem down and build a solution is one of the reasons he is able to produce excellent results in a variety of fields from business to entertainment, even in industries where he has little to no experience.

my music will tell you more about me than I ever will..
Work hard in Silence. Let your Success be your Noise
Everything rises and falls on leadership - John C Maxwell
At first they will ask why you're doing it. Later they will ask how you did it.

Kgaogelo is also passionate about African music, and using technology to inject a fresh, modern twist to ancient sounds and cultures. He is currently learning to play Mbira and on a quest to bring a new african sound to the world stage. He has also developed strong skills in coaching and arranging accapella music. He is one of the few coaches to have won UJ Serrie Competition (Accapella Singing Competition) 3 times in a row, and in 2011 he lead the Afslaan Mens Residence to the ATKV National Ser Competition and came 1st Place.

His competetive streak and obsession to win drive him to deliver his best in every project that he gets involved in. His leadership style invites people in and he is able to drive a project , lead as a servant, and not only produces great outcomes, but produce better people and relationships as a result.

World Music thats going places

Kgaogelo would be the ideal music manager and a perfect fit for Kellerman Music, as he has a lot of experience working with bands; from organizing logistics off stage, drawing up tech riders and band conducts, to organizing charts on stage and negotiating fee structures. He has strong technical skills and has a vast knowledge of social media, developing websites, and growing your online presence, with a flair for making things look awesome. He is highly disciplined individual hoping to learn as much as he can from everyone he meets and works with. Having led a few professional bands and worked with the likes of RnB singer Loyiso Bala as Music Director, Kgaogelo knows how to lead and work with people to produce the best outcome for an artist.

Kellerman Music is an amazing proudly South African brand that has international appeal, but has not as yet fully realised the exposure to the south african market. Kgaogelo envisions it having a more prominent footprint in SA, Africa and the world. There are many unexplored avenues for a prolific artist like Wouter, and Kgaogelo would love to explore and exploit the untapped sources of income waiting to be discovered.


To get in touch with Kgaogelo:

  • email:
  • facebook: tikae
  • instagram: tikaemaestro
  • soundcloud: tikaemaestro
  • cell: 081 413 2854
Every Problem has a Solution. Finding it is half the fun!
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