Quick Facts

Country: Indonesia

Region: Gayo Highland, Sumatra Aceh

Producer(s): Members of Kopepi Ketiara

Elevation: 1,100-1,450 m.a.s.l.

Variety: Gayo 1 & Gayo 2

Harvest: September-June

Process: Wet-Hulled (Semi-washed)

Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic


Kopepi (meaning "cooperative of coffee traders") Ketiara is a women-led cooperative in Sumatra Aceh Gayo with over 25 years of experience in coffee. Their core value is to support women and younger generations of coffee farmers.

Ketiara's coffee is grown in the forested mountains surrounding Leuser National Park, using shade-grown practices to protect the local ecosystem. They export an average of 22,680 bags of Sumatra Aceh Gayo Highland specialty coffee each year that is 100% traceable.

Flavor Notes

Cedar, apple, tropical fruits, herbal, fresh spices, brown sugar, bittersweet chocolate

Processing Info

Wet-Hulled (Semi-Washed)

Ripe red cherries are picked during the early morning hours. They are pulped in the late afternoon then fermented for 8-24 hours. The cherries are then washed and sun-dried down to 40% humidity. Then they are hulled and sun-dried to below 13% humidity. They make their way through several sorting processes: first through a density machine, then a double- and triple-hand-picking, a second density sort, followed by destoning, blending, and final sort. A final quality inspection is then completed before packaging in GrainPro.

Variety Info

Gayo 1 & Gayo 2

Gayo 1 – known also as Tim Tim – is a hybrid Arabica variety that contains Catimor for its resistance to leaf rust. It produces larger than normal bean sizes, which are sometimes referred to as Long Berry. Tim Tim has been growing in Gayo since 1979. There are over 70 sub-varieties of Tim Tim grown by Gayonese farmers.

Gayo 2 is another Catimor hybrid (possibly crossed with Bourbon) that has many different local names, such as Ateng Pucuk Merah, Ateng Super, Borbor, P88, among others.

Regional Info

Gayo Highland, Sumatra Aceh

Bener Meriah and Aceh Tengah

Coffee has been produced in Sumatra's northwestern-most province of Aceh since 1908. The two main coffee-producing districts - Bener Meriah and Aceh Tengah (well-known for its Lake Luat Tawar) - are located at altitudes of 1,100-1.450 m.a.s.l., with an average size of one to two hectares per farm. The total area of production from these two districts is about 81,000 hectares.


All photos courtesy of Kopepi Ketiara, Map courtesy of Google