Dystronics presented by

botcom was developed by Liam Beckerle, Colton Owen, Connie Thompson, and James Weaver in the fall of 2016. The first game released by the company is titled "Dystronics"

Liam Beckerle: company leader, lead writer, and coder

Colton Owen: video creator

Connie Thompson: lead presenter, assistant writer

James Weaver: designer of marketing materials and poster, assistant presenter


Rated E for Everyone by the ESRB

Target Audience: Teenagers

Text-adventure Game

Based on an essay written by Liam Beckerle

With 6 unique endings, over 80 passages, and choices throughout, Dystronics provides an in-depth gaming experience that follows a newly hired lead developer through a race to defeat Artificial Intelligence before humanity is destroyed. The game opens in the year 2033, and you are a programmer applying for a job with botcom Industries. For the job application, you have the option to choose how much of a characteristic you'd like your character to have, including charisma, strength, intelligence, and reflex. The rest of the game follows the decisions you make in your new job position. The future of the safety of humanity is in your hands!

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The Bot Revolution: Inevitability and Possible Outcomes by Liam Beckerle

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