What makes Isaac so important?

IsAaC newton discoverd gravity he was one of the smartest people iN the woRlD! He alsO maDe the the reflEcting teLescope. Most telescopes We use today are reflecTing telesCopes! Thats what makes hIm so imPortant.
This is Isaac Newton

What did he do to chaNge ouR world?

He helped Other sCienticts. He helpEd theM by making Them see how imPortant gravity is and how we coulden't live with ouT it. Thats how he chanGed our world.

How have they influENced you?

Isaac newton influenced me by being better at math. Because he ALSO DISCOVERED one type of math called calculus. He called it fluXions. People today call it calculus. Today lots of SCienticts use calculus! Thats How he influenced me!
Isaac newton

Fun facts!!!

Isaac newton got his inspiration for studying graVity from an apple falling froM his apple Tree. ALso in 1668 Isaac newTon made the reflectIng telescope most telesCopes we use today are reFlecting teLescopes! Isaac newton was born on january 4th 1643 he lived in england he dIed on march 31 1727. Isaac's mother wanted hIm to become a famer but iSaac had oTher big dreams
Isaac invented the color wheel too!

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