The School For Good And Evil: The Last Ever After By: Soman Chaniani

The first section takes place in the Woods. The Woods are a dark endless forest that goes on forever with kingdoms and villages spotted in it.
There is a village in the middle of the Woods, surrounded on all sides by it, named Gavaldon. Gavaldon is where Sophie and Agatha grew up. It is the only village in the entire Woods that doesn't have fairy-tale families living in it.
In the Woods, there is the School for Good and Evil. This school teaches all the kids that live in the Woods about their soul purpose: to be good or evil.
The time is from the author's point of view. The characters live in a world of fairy-tales. All of the students that attend the school come from fairy-tale families. For example, Tedros (one of the protagonists) is the son of King Arthur and heir to the throne.
The geography of this story is in a forest with swamps and open clearings. The forest is starting to die though. So there are dead animals littering the ground, decaying trees, and molding bushes. It makes me feel gloomy because of how the families that live in the Woods are struggling with their lifestyle because of everything dying around them. The sun is also dying so the sky is bright but shallow.
The village of Gavaldon is sparsely populated. It has a good number of villagers, even if they are all going to kill Agatha and Tedros on sight, while in the School Master's tower, Sophie is isolated from everyone. The school is crowded with 400 students in one castle.
There are clothing items like tunics, breeches, and pinafores. There are also superstitions of burning at the stake.
So far in the book I feel gloomy because of the dying world. I also feel scared for the world because everything is dying and I don't know if it will ever go back to normal.
The Woods contribute to the story by showing how the world is dying because the Storian isn't starting a new book because it is stuck on "The Tale of Sophie and Agatha" and how the happy endings are not happy. The Woods show how everything is connected from the isolated village of Gavaldon and the magnificent kingdom Camelot. It also helps because that's how the characters can move from place to place relatively efficiently.


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