The Next Level of Interfaith Finding Value in the Faith of Others

Topic, Time and Online LInks

Topic: Finding Value in the Faith of Others The topic is step beyond tolerance, which, while worthwhile, is still limiting. Being open to discovering value in the faith traditions of others can enrich one's own tradition -- permitting growth and discovery which transcends the normal tendency to only see what's been seen before. The presenters at this event will articulate the values (not common theology) they see in the traditions of others that augment their own practice. That's the idea behind Barbara Brown Taylor's book, Holy Envy. It's not easy. These presenters are up to the task.

Time: Monday , May 25, 2020 at 7 pm, EST

The Presenters

Presented online by: Rabbi Robert Klensin, Rev. Ellen Francis, Bill Collins, Ugur Clare, Natalia Bowdoin, and Andy Reese spanning Christian, Muslim, Humanist and Buddhist traditions. Rev. Sid Gates and Kim Butler are moderators. John Black and Kim Butler are co-hosts. (Keep scrolling down for brief presenter bios)

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Meet the Presenters

Ugur Clare: A modern Muslim with long term participation and leadership in interfaith events and activities in the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) and previously in Las Vegas, NV. Co-sponsor of several charitable initiatives for the CSRA homeless. Taught several continuing education courses on Islam. Member and leadership participant in the CSRA Women's Interfaith Network, Aiken Interfaith Partners, and Interfaith Fellowship of Augusta.

Rabbi Robert Klensin: Rabbi Emeritus, Congregation Children of Israel, Augusta, GA with long term interfaith participation and membership in the Progressive Religious Coalition, The Interfaith Fellowship of Augusta, and other interfaith initiatives. Authoritative resource on Judaism and its relationship to other faith traditions.

Bill Collins: Deeply rooted and widely knowledgeable Catholic who organized and continues to lead the Aiken Interfaith Partners which is a member of the Interfaith Partners of South Carolina.

Rev. Ellen Francis: Episcopal priest and nun at the Order of St. Helena Convent in North Augusta, SC. Deeply rooted and knowledgeable about the Episcopal Christian tradition with wide knowledge of the Muslim tradition among others. Member of the Progressive Religious Coalition, the Interfaith Fellowship of Augusta, and the CSRA Women's Interfaith Network

Natalia Taylor Bowdoin: Associate Professor and Librarian at University of South Carolina Aiken. Long term participatory knowledge of several religious traditions including Tibetan Buddhism and Unitarian Universalism. Currently a seminary student at Earlham School of Religion, a Quaker seminary. Co-founder of the Southeastern Buddhist Community. A former Peace Corps Volunteer from the Central African Republic (CAR) who has remain involved with human rights and displacement related concerns, particularly with regards to Central Africa and resettled refugees from the region..

Dr. Andy Reese: Humanist, retired professor, Medical College of Georgia, current President of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Augusta, author of several interfaith related books, including a recent one on Humanism. Frequent speaker in the Augusta area on humanism related and secular topics. Current President of the Progressive Religious Coalition, and member of the Interfaith Fellowship of Augusta.

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