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An Autobiographical Statement

My name is Julie Pedro, and I am located in the Greater Toronto Area. Some of my interests are drawing illustrations and fan art, watching tv shows, and playing baseball. I would love for one day to join Disney Studios down in Orlando, Florida, and create films by being an animator.

Statement of Academic or Professional Intent

My future consist of me going into another art program, a traditional and 3D animation program, for 4 years. The program is set in stone in my heart, but there isn't a certain school I would like to study at.

An Artistic or Philosophical Statement

I'm a visual person and rather look at pictures that can tell me a story, instead of reading words for information. I've been in a special eds class for most of my life, so words and I never got along, and that's why I turned to pictures at a young age. I would love to draw after school instead of doing homework, I would always struggle with other subjects, besides art and math.

Creative Process



A project I had was to create a self-portrait, but I didn't need to include myself in it, just what I felt.


What I love most is the city I was born and raised in, so I saw myself in this city, the city of Toronto.

Harry Potter loved Hogwarts as his home, and he had no other home than Hogwarts. I never lived anywhere but in Toronto, so it's my home and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

So I decided to combine these two and making it my self-portrait.


-hot-press board


-HB pencil


-calligraphy pen and ink

-bond paper


I drew this first in marker to get a feel of what I was seeing in my head, but I remembered that the reflection of Hogwarts in the water is off. I drew it as thinking it was a shadow, which doesn't have the same effect of reflection.


I fixed the reflection problem by just flipping Hogwarts upside down and having it connect to the bottom of the Toronto buildings.


The size of the finished piece is 10"x15" and was created with calligraphy.

Inspirational Quotations

I have said this quote to myself since I was about 12, when I set my heart on becoming an animator. I first said this when I finished watching Disney's Beauty and the Beast (1991):

"One day, you'll bring your kids to the movies, and you'll see my name up there." - Julie Pedro

"Keep moving forward." - Walt Disney

“Art Is An Opinion. You Have It, And It’s Never Wrong.” -Arsene Hodali



Email: Instagram: juliepedro20

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