The Wreck By Wyley Marcinkiw

Crash! I was looking up and saw blood underneath the truck that was on top of our car. It wasn't my blood. I started crawling out of the car and heard my brother Matthew screaming, "John, John!" Quickly, I ran to see him as blood was spewing out of where his right arm used to be with every heartbeat. He had the drive train from the truck piercing through his chest covering him in blood. At that moment I thought of my brother Mark shooting those BB pellets at that Mother Bear and her cubs.

I reached for my phone to call the ambulance but I heard my dad screaming in anguish. I realized that my dad has been dead for seven years. I've never really known my dad because he was always working out of town. He's never really come into my mind until now.

I seriously needed to call someone because my one brother was dying and I didn't know where my brother Mark, who was driving us, was. Suddenly, I saw his head laying in the ditch with his eyes still open. His body was nowhere to be found. I started walking towards the car and there was his body. He was laying at the side of the car dead and cold.

I started reaching for Mark's phone to call the ambulance and announced, "there's been a nasty accident with two cars and one person is dead for sure."

The 911 operator answered, "okay sir, where are you and what happened."

"We are on the highway leading to the town of St. Cloud, Minnesota."

"Okay sir, we will be sending out two ambulances to your location. They should arrive in about 4 minutes. So there was a two car accident and there was two people in one car and just one in the other, right sir."

"No ma'am, there was three of us in on car and there was someone in the truck that hit us but no one appears to be there when I go to check."

"Okay sir, stay calm until they get there. You can stay on the line with me or you can hang up."

"Thanks ma'am. I will hang up because I don't think my brother will make it so I will go now." Beep.

I start walking towards Matthew. He is almost dead but he is still awake. I take a knee on the bloody concrete and told my brother, "Matthew it is okay. Just stay calm. Help will be here soon."

Matthew coughed up some blood and said, "John, you were the best big brother I could have asked for. I'm so sorry for not treating you as good as I could have. I'm sorry for cheating with your girlfriend Sarah."

I was starting to cry, "You know what Matthew, I don’t care that you treated me like shit or that my girlfriend cheated on me with you anymore."

Sirens blared in the distant background as the red and white lights bounced off the trees.

"Look Matthew, they're coming."

The paramedics hopped out of the ambulance rushing over to where Matthew and I were. Matthew looked scared, but for a 14 year old he was one tough kid. The paramedics carefully took him out of the car, trying to avoid stabbing the drive train any deeper into his chest. They put him on the stretcher while packing his arm in the process. He looked pale and cold. While they were carrying him to the ambulance, one of the paramedic's hands slipped off the gurney, smashing Matthew's head into the pavement.

The first ambulance drove away with lights and sirens when the second ambulance showed up. The first paramedic asked me, "where is the other body that we need to take a look at?"

"I don't know where the driver of the truck. My other brother is lying beside the car decapitated." I responded.

The second paramedic said, "having a tough day today? Your one brother is almost dead and the other is dead with his head cut right off."

I didn't really take into consideration that it might just be me and my mom left. "Yeah sir, it's been a very rough and sad day for our family."

The first paramedic said, " what exactly happened here? Looks pretty dramatic."

"Well, we were in trouble from our Mom because we were throwing balls around in the house. We all got kicked out. Our smart brother Mark, who is decapitated, decided it would be fun if we shot BB pellets at a mother bear and her cubs. Mark took the first shot and hit the mother bear in the nose. The bear started looking for who shot it. Matthew, who just got taken to the hospital shot the second one and hit the mother bear in the leg. The bear just went ballistic on us and started chasing us. We hopped into Mark's car and he started driving. We drove for a couple 100 feet and took the turn onto the highway. That’s when this truck T-boned us. Possibly killing my one brother and taking my other brother's head off, literally."

Both paramedics exclaimed, "WOW! That’s a tough and yet very sad day."

The first paramedic questioned, "does you mom know? Do you want to call her or go get her from the house."

"I will. Just give me a little bit of time. This as all happened way too fast. I never thought that everyone in my family except my mom and I would be the only ones alive in the matter of seconds."

"Well," the second paramedic answered, "we will give you some time and then take both your mom and you to the hospital to see your brother. We will get another unit out here to help with your dead brother and the driver of the truck that is nowhere to be found."

"Thanks!" I yelled back.

I reached for my phone and called my mom. I told her to come to the end of the driveway because something bad happened and that she needs to be present for where we were going.

My mom was starting to leave the house and she just broke down, starting to cry once she saw the paramedics, ambulance, and the crushed car that was Mark's.

"What's going on here? what happened to my little babies," she sobbed.

The first paramedic stated, "ma'am, there has been a terrible accident and your kids were involved. We will take you to the hospital once the third ambulance arrives."

"Wait, you guys aren't the first ambulance here? What happened to the first one?" My mother questioned.

"Your son John was calm enough to call us. We took your son Matthew to the hospital because he has severe injuries and was almost killed. Sadly, your son Mark died on the scene." The first paramedic responded.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. He died? There was an accident?" My mom asked confusingly.

"Yes ma'am. The other ambulance is here. We will take you two to the hospital to wait on how Matthew is doing." The first paramedic mentioned reassuringly.

We all stepped into the ambulance. Driving to the hospital with my mother's sobs as the only noise.

When we arrived the surgeon stated, "the surgery is going well so far. We have packed up his arm to prevent the risk of infection. But the hard part is yet to come, taking the drive train out of his chest. It should take a while so we will keep you informed."

My mom looked at me and cried, "I want to know everything that happened from the time when you left the house, to the time when you all almost died."

As I was about to tell my mom what had happened, I saw my dad lying on his hospital bed. He lay there burned and screaming in pain while the staff peel away the burnt skin from his dying body. He was welding and he got electrocuted. He burned from the inside out.

He was a professional welder and had been doing that job for years. But just that one time he was welding in the rain. The way that the rain fell on the metal he was working on is when he got electrocuted. He suffered for a few days. Especially when the nurses and doctors would peel away the burnt skin to make room for the new, pink, healthy, and raw skin underneath it.

The last words he ever told me were, "look after you mom and Matthew. Mark doesn't have smarts or enough responsibility to help deal with the family."

I knew I was tripping but I didn't know why.

I looked up. The surgeon was standing over my mom and all I could hear was, "ma'am, your son Matthew...."


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