Sweden Marshaun swift

Politics- Take place in a framework of a parliamentary representative democratic constitutional monarchy. There is a general election held every four years, but the last one was held in September 2014. Over 7 Million people are being allowed to vote and by that they influence the Riskdog political party. This is the foundation of parliamentary democracy in Sweden. Everyone has the same rights and the same chances to have their say.

Economics- Swedish people mainly spend their money on alcohol, and Fika. They use Fika for a term for coffee or snacks. A Sweden dollar compared to a U.S. dollar is 0.11. The average salary is about SEK 33,305 per month.

Religion- Sweden has a high population of atheists but its far from irreligious country. their religion still plays a rural and cultural role. Sweden also lost their official state church in 2000. Sweden is considered a Nordic country. Only 29 percent claim to be religious.

Social Structure- Their are no upper and lower classes like the untied states. Everyone is considered equal.

Industry- The Swedish sawmill industry is one of the largest in Europe And counts for 10%, Most of the worlds exports. Sweden is one the most productive in the world. The country is a global leader.

Art/ Entertainment- In Sweden they go to museums and Sports and outdoor leisure pursuits are very popular in Sweden. A lot of the population is always active, the sports the they love are Football, Handball, Ice-Hockey, and tennis. Sweden has a law that everyone has the right to(allemansrätt) which uncultivated land or camp there for one night without needing the owner's permission, pick wild flowers or berries.



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