Miami,Florida have a fun time

Miami Florida has the best weather. Florida barely ever gets cold. Miami also has one of the best beaches in the country. Miami has one of the most biggest celebrities in world come. Miami has great places to hangout like clubs, beaches, and go to a sport event.


The hotel is amazing. Most of the hotels in Miami are 5 stars. In these hotels they have 2 to 3 king size beds. A lot of the hotels have huge swimming pools and hot tubs. The hotels also have saunas and a gym inside. There's also breakfast in the morning and you have room service.


The restaurants in Miami is amazing as well because they one of best chiefs in the country. There is a Japanese restaurant named zuma. The restaurant has a sushi bar, snacks, soup and sweets. Miami has other great places like Michael genuine food and drink, la mar and macchialina.

Beaches in Miami are great. The weather makes it better. The beaches are always safe to go to. You could find beaches in a lot of in Miami. The beach that's located on the picture is on 21st street beach.


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