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What is a ladybug?

A ladybug is a beetle. Some ladybugs eat plant-eaters, but some eat plants. They usually live for 2 to 3 years. Ladybugs are about 0.3 inches to 0.4 inches. There are about 5,000 species of ladybugs!

Physiological Adaptation

When any predator approaches the ladybug, they start bleeding a foul-smelling chemical from their knees. This chemical is usually yellow-colored and is very effective against their enemies. Its smell and sight both make predators go away. This is called a physiological adaptation.

Picture of the foul-smelling chemical.

Behavioral Adaptations

When a ladybug faces a sticky situation it plays dead! They use this to trick predators. Ladybugs are coldblooded and hibernate for the winter. Typically they will hibernate in clusters to share their body heat and keep each other warm. They also migrate to warmer temperatures because that it where their prey is.

Ladybugs huddled up during hibernation.

Structural Adaptations

Ladybugs have a hard outer shell. This shell protects the ladybugs from predators. The bright spots on their shell warns potential predators that they are poisonous. Ladybugs use their wings for flight. They wold use flight to escape from predators. Ladybugs have a very strong, sharp jaw. This allows them to be able to chew and eat harder things. Ladybugs use their antennae for their senses.

Wings of a ladybug.


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