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Hello Gorgeous! I'm so excited to have you! I'm Beth Claire, your boudoir photographer and stylist here at Lost Highway Imaging. My studio, located in Preston, Connecticut, was born many years ago out of my love of photographing women. I've been a boudoir photographer since before boudoir was trendy and in my decade of experience, I have learned so much about what makes women feel confident, powerful and beautiful. And I've dedicated my life to doing exactly that.

My Mission

I truly believe that ALL women are beautiful. Every single one, no exceptions. Boudoir photography should be a transformative experience for the women who walk through my door and I am committed to making every session empowering, confidence-building and even emotionally powerful. The media spends a whole lot of time telling us how we should feel about ourselves. We should fear age, despise wrinkles, be outraged by cellulite and feel disgusted by our natural bodies. What if we stopped listening?

That is what I want for women. I want them to stop listening to what they are told and stop feeling like they don't measure up. Every day, women walk in and share their internal dialogue with me. They open up and tell me what they tell themselves ABOUT themselves day in and day out, sometimes going as far back as their childhood, and usually at least 90% of it is negative. My mission is to change that inner dialogue.

I want women to see themselves the way I see them. I want them to change that inner dialogue to a positive one of self-acceptance, self-love and self-esteem. My passion is showing women how I see them, using a camera as my tool. What I loves most about boudoir photography is its potential to be life changing for the women I photograph. Lost Highway Imaging, my Connecticut boudoir photography studio, was born out of my passion for showing women how beautiful they really are.

As an experienced model, I have a unique perspective on what makes a boudoir shoot truly incredible. As they say -details, details, details. Every step of the process matters, from hair and makeup to wardrobe styling to posing and expressions. I walk you through every step. (This photo of me by my dear friend Natalie Kita in Delaware.)

Why Boudoir?

So, you’d like book a photo shoot. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try it out and see what it feels like to be a supermodel for a day? Maybe you want to create a perfect, one-of-a-kind gift for your partner? Maybe you’ve been through a big life change… lost weight, got a divorce, got married, had a baby, changed careers? Maybe you’ve been so busy raising a family or taking care of others that you’ve lost yourself in the shuffle?

There are a million reasons to book a boudoir shoot and yours is uniquely your own. Whether you are a bride-to-be looking for a bridal boudoir shoot as a gift to your husband-to-be on your wedding night or a divorcee looking to get her sexy back, we can give you the experience of a lifetime! Every day, we help women get in touch with their sexy inner selves and create gorgeous, timeless photos to last a lifetime! I'm here to walk you through the process every step of the way, so get in touch and share your ideas with me! In the meantime, here is a basic guideline that will help you get a feel for how the magic happens!

YOU are beautiful. Let us SHOW you!


Styling is a big part of the process! We use before & after images of our clients (ONLY with their written permission!) for one reason... because almost all women look at our finished images and think "But those are MODELS! I could never look like that!" and that couldn't be further from the truth! Because all of our other clients thought the same thing!

Many women come to use and say that it was our transformation gallery that finally convinced them to book and it is those same women who usually insist on having their before and afters featured! In fact, I did a before and after of myself before I asked a single client to try it! Every single one of these women is beautiful in their before image, just as they are every single day! The "before" represents the face we show the world every day! The "after" is simply a polished version of ourselves! It is how the people who love us see us everyday!

No one wakes up looking like a supermodel... not even supermodels. I promise. We'll talk about hairstyling and makeup during your consult and design a look that is uniquely yours and highlights your best features! I am a certified makeup artist with continuing education and a love for gorgeous, sexy makeup that remains natural enough to keep you looking like yourself. I'm also trained in corrective makeup, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you are dealing with an issue like rosacea or acne scarring.

What to Expect? How Does the Magic Happen?

Your shoot starts off with a consultation, usually done via phone or email. I suggest putting together a Pinterest board full of images you love! I want your shoot to be uniquely YOURS, so we don't copy photos. Instead, I use the overall feel and vibe of your board to inspire me and give me a visual of what styles and looks you really love! We'll talk about outfits, styling, hair, makeup and how to prepare to get the most out of your experience!

Once the big day finally arrives, we'll meet at the studio and go through your wardrobe options, shoes, props and anything else you've brought along. Once we have a game plan, I'll start your hair and makeup! Then it's time to shoot! We start simple and I coach your posing and expressions right down to every last detail! Expect to shoot for about 2 1/2 hours and also expect to be SORE the next day! Posing is damned hard work and much more physically strenuous than most women expect. It's that sexy booty pop... it looks awesomely sexy but leaves you sore! Stretching in the weeks leading up to your shoot helps a lot, especially if you incorporate some lower back stretches!

Lots of clients ask if they need prior experience to get the most out of their shoot. The answer is NO! I'm here to help you every step of the way and many of our clients haven't been professionally photographed since their high school yearbook photo!

The Big Reveal

About 2 weeks after your shoot we'll meet up again, usually at a Starbucks or another coffee shop, and that's when you get to see your gorgeous images for the first time! Your ordering appointment is the most exciting moment for me and I absolutely live for seeing women's expressions the moment they see their photos for the first time. My passion is showing women how I see them and there are often hugs and tears and lots of emotion. You'll decide which photos you just absolutely have to have (most women can't choose and must have them all!) and which beautiful album suits you perfectly! It takes about 2 weeks to get our completely custom-designed and entirely hand-crafted books from the design company, so plan ahead if you have a specific date in mind! The whole process, from start to finish, takes about 4 weeks.

A Peek Behind-The-Scenes

Curious what a shoot looks like behind-the-scenes? Here's a quick peek at Danni's shoot with us!

The Studio

I am proud to offer a completely customized, unique experience here in Connecticut! I've designed my sessions to be intimate, empowering, and artistic, while allowing each of my clients a full day in the studio with only one session per day. My studio has numerous boudoir sets as well as outdoor shooting areas and a gorgeous natural-light barn, if you'd like to use it! It's even got 30 wooded acres and its own herd of horses!

When you arrive on our road you'll see where the name "Lost Highway" comes from and the gorgeous, tranquil, untouched woodland is something unique to our beautiful corner of Connecticut. Oftentimes, the horses will be waiting at the fence to greet incoming guests and once you reach the top of the stairs, you'll be amazed by what we think of as our own little fairytale loft space. It's certainly not what anyone expects to see on a horse farm and we are so proud of our little hideaway! Complete with crystal chandeliers, antique furniture and a gorgeous rhinestone studded bed set, it's a glamorous little space perfect for creating elegant, unique, timeless boudoir images without the risk of sacrificing your privacy like storefront studios in strip malls.

Outdoor Spaces

Obviously, not everyone wants to shoot outdoors, but if you are adventurous and desire a one-of-a-kind experience, we have 30+ private acres to offer! Between the pond, forest and streams running though the property, the options are endless! And, of course, our natural light barn is incredibly popular, especially during the warmer months!

Where Are We?

We are located in Preston, Connecticut, only 5 minutes from Foxwoods Casino and 15 minutes from Mohegan Sun. We're only an hour from Hartford, New Haven or Providence and two hours from New York City. Our clients come from all over New England as well as New York and New Jersey. We also have clients fly in from all over the country and we are happy to help you plan a 2 or 3 day escape if you want to make a visit to us from further away. There are beautiful bed & breakfasts, hotels and casino accommodations within minutes of our studio. If you need help planning a trip please drop us a line and we'll be happy to help!


The session fee is $400 and that is due as a retainer when you book your appointment. A boudoir shoot with me includes a private studio photo shoot, access to all of my props and accessories and full pose and expression coaching, as well as full retouching of your proofs and an in-person ordering session.

Photos are not included in the session fee and are available to purchase a la carte your ordering appointment, which usually takes place 10-14 days after your shoot. My average client invests $2300-$2600 in total, between their shoot and their products but there are options on both sides of that range!

Unleash your inner BOMBSHELL!

Remember, we are here to help! If you have questions please get in touch and we'll be glad to help you! Our boudoir sessions are so much more than just a photoshoot, they are an experience that we want you to remember forever! You'll treasure your memories as much as your photos! Email beth@losthighwayimaging.com for more information or if you are ready to book your shoot!


Lost Highway Imaging

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