Lost Love By: Zach

It was a cloudy day in Stuart when Thomas entered the post office. He had been doing nothing all morning, in fact, he had slept in till 10:30. He then got up and spent the rest of the morning eating breakfast, and the first time he left the house was to get the mail. As he entered the post office he saw Mrs. Slain. He told her hello, and continued to his mail box. He pulled the mail out of the box he noticed he had a letter from his long lost love interest, McKenzie Plair. McKenzie had been Thomas's girlfriend throughout high school, but when he went to college he had cheated on her with a girl he didn't even know. He got drunk at a party and has regretted it every day since. He opened the letter when he got home and read it. After he finished reading it his idea of what the rest of his day had in store changed.

While he was at home he started to cook himself some brunch. He burnt it however, he was busy thinking about McKenzie. He threw away his burnt brunch, and walked into his living room. As he sat on the couch he started to day dream. As he day dreamed he relived memories with McKenzie. The memories were incredibly vivid. He loved the way they made him feel. When Thomas finally came out of his mid-day dreams, he realized that it was 6:00 p.m. He had to get ready. He was so excited that he could not contain his excitement. In fact, he was so excited that he was singing in the shower, dancing, and putting on his best clothes. However, while dancing around he slipped and fell down the stairs. He felt an immense pain in his leg. He knew that his leg was broken.

When Thomas arrived at the doctor's he received the news that he already knew. He had broken his leg. How was he supposed to fulfill his plans for the night with the pain, and the walking around in a cast. It would take a real want and desire, but Thomas's plans were big enough to push through the pain. He got his cast, and went home to finish getting ready. He got his best clothes on and set out for a night on the town. First stop, the flower shop.

At the flower shop he picked up some white and pick tulips. Second stop, the restaurant. Thomas arrived at the restaurant and picked up the dinner he had called in earlier. It was dinner for two. When he picked up the food, he checked it before he left. The order was all wrong. They had charged him for the wrong things, plus the food was wrong. He sent it back and stressed that he was on a schedule. They apologized, and said it would be the next one out. When the food came out it was correct and Thomas paid for it and then left. He was off to the final stop before his big plans. He was going to the store. He had to get a present. He picked up the gift and then left.

Dear Thomas, I have missed you dearly. You have haunted my memories for a very long time. I cannot tell you how much I have missed you. You have always been so good to me, with of course the exception of you cheating on me. I have always loved you and will always love you. I know this is a weird thing to express through a letter, but I didn't know how else to get in contact with you. I have just felt like I needed to get this off my chest. I know you may not reciprocate those feelings, but I hope you do. I also hope that maybe we can give this another shot. If you feel like you want to meet me at 406 Maple Street. I would love to get reunited with you. With Love, McKenzie.

As Thomas got to the address McKenzie left in the letter it was the park. He walked into the park and up to where the park benches are. He sat down and waited. As he looked out across the park and into the sunset, he saw the most beautiful girl walking towards him. He watched her all the way until she got to him. When she got there she said hello, and he replied with one simple word, Wow. She blushed a little and he laughed sheepishly. She tells him, "Its been too long, Thomas." He replied to her, "It most certainly has!"

As they sat and enjoyed their date, even if you weren't there and were just looking at them from a far you could see them just falling in love all over again. As the night progressed they moved from the park to Thomas's house and, came out the next morning happier than ever, as they just spent all night in each others company, not sleeping, not making trouble, simply talking.

Thomas and McKenzie dated for a year, and on the anniversary of their reunification he proposed, in the park. They lived out their years in Stuart and finally dying in the very town where they had first fallen in love with each other. They died peacefully in their sleep, and were buried by each other.

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