PH Lab adreona McCraw

Miracle Grow. Yellowish, cloudy, clumpy. Ph- 6 base

Soda. Clear and bubbly liquid. Ph-5 base

Pepto Bismo. Pink liquid. Ph-6 base

Apple cider Vinegar. Milky, yellowish. Ph-3 acid

Ketchup. Red, thick, liquid, smells like tomatoes. Ph-4 acid

Hotsauce. Watered down, orange, chunks in it. ph-6 acid

Eucalypfus Fragrance. Beige colorless, strong odor, liquid. Ph-5 acid

BBQ sauce. Red with back substances, liquid. Ph-4 acid

Cayene Pepper Sauce. Orange liquid that smells spicy. pH-3 acid

Coconut oil. White, thick. pH- 6 Acid

Resolve Carpet cleaner. Clear, transparent, liquid, smells good. pH- 6 acid

Pine Sol. Purple liquid. pH-9 Base

Resolve Carpet cleaner. Clear, transparent, liquid, that smells good. when i tested it the pH was a 6 which is basically an acid. Even though cleaners are normally bases

Vanilla. Brown Liquid. pH-3 acid

Elmer's Glue. Thick, white, liquid, no smell. pH-6 acid

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