My Grade 9 Self Maddie

Fitness: Wall sit first time my time was (1.07) my second time was (1.43). Vertical jump my first amount was (40) my second amount was (45). How my scores changed was they improved. I experienced improvement in my scores. I think my scored changed/Improved because I tried harder and I believed in myself a bit more I also pushed my self a lot harder to finish with the mark I wanted. When I did my 12 minute run I pushed my self to try and run the whole time and I was so close but at least I tried that's all that matters really for me.

Field hockey: The challenges I experienced were trying to figure out where to be at the right time, Figuring out how to play like Field hockey,Football,And Badminton. The most difficult aspect of Field hockey was finding out where I was suppose to stand and what side to be on also to know how to hold the stick at times because sometimes I would have my hands too close or too far down so I didn't have all the power I should have when I hit the ball.

Track and field: If I was to participate in a Track in Field event i’d choose Shot put or Disks. My reason for choosing shot put and disks because they were the ones I knew I did the best in I understood how to do them and what position to be in, My way to improve would be to try harder,Get involved, I would also try improving by asking more questions like how to do some stuff for track like how to do the running events I personally have that as a struggle of mine with running events and how I would get myself a better mark would be to put more effort into it and try harder, also pushing my self to run faster or put more effort into my throws.

Football: The way I would describe how to hutt the foot ball would be this, Put your legs shoulder width apart bend your knees put the foot ball between your legs on the ground, There will be the qutarback behind you who you hutt it to and they normally yell out a number and colour then you hutt it to them.

Volleyball: I think volleyball is a popular team sport because it’s competitive,sorta challenging,you move around a lot and that makes it harder but it makes it fun, Volleyball for me because I have played before it wasn't as interesting as it used to be for me, when I played it in central it was different I enjoy it more at LDSS. If I had a friend struggling with their skill I would tell them to well if they are standing in the wrong position I would help them out with telling them where there feet are suppose to be and how they are suppose to be positioned

Badminton: For badminton I liked singles more doubles was just way to confusing for me personally, for singles it’s kinda more competitive I guess I just like competition. I would prefer singles over doubles because doubles you have to be in certain places/positions but for singles you can play both sides and you know that the birdy is all yours and you don’t have to call out “mine”

Health: I think that making strong decisions in secondary school is important because well we all make mistakes and it’s kinda preparing you for them, also making choices in secondary school is good because there are many drugs,diseases out there, there is just many “Bad things” out there that you don’t want to get into. Another reason why it’s important to make strong decisions because well people tend to get into relationships and in a lot of cases people tend to have sex you need to be prepared for the expecting you never know what’s coming your way.

Advice to my Grade 9 self: My advice for a Grade 8 coming to Grade 9 would be focus on school,try stay out of drama,stay away from the negativity, always have a positive outlook on everything,don’t stress about school it’s not worth it so many people say high school is hard and makes your life worse it actually doesn’t. I have met so many new people who have made me the person I am now I am a better person than I was last year people and school changes you so much. Another thing is I know this isn’t something you most likely want to hear but most of your friends and you drift apart because you meet new people. Meeting new people is better most of the time because they have a different past a different life than you do so you get to meet new people with new adventures, maybe if there having a rough life you can help them out.


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