Harn Museum By: Chase Owens

Technique of the Artist

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo's artwork is known for it's raw portrayal of her own humanity. She doesn't portray herself any different than she does in reality. It was interesting to see that the rawness of her painting is just as raw as her photograph. True images matching that of her own creation, at least in their willingness to spare nothing of taboo. I feel that Frida's technique was to present herself naturally and honest. I liked how her dress seemed to present her confidence in her culture, conveys the culture portion of humanity well. The quality of the picture seems soft on the eyes, not so defined as to make it unnatural but also not so blurry as to account for added affect. It communicated the feeling of self satisfaction and a sense of physical content. The artwork made me take pride in blemishes and differences, as feeling that I could be just as beautiful. The artwork contains an artist, not a model.

Design of the Museum

The Wing of the Harn Museum labelled "Meant to be Shared" is composed of European artworks reaching back to the 18th century. It's artworks depict daily activities, the feelings and effects of war, and the feelings of prosperity. As you walk through the Wing it feels that your are being told a story of the environment. It helps to give me an understanding of the feeling of life during the time. Most of the artwork is from the point of view of nobility. There for, there isn't a very strong representation of the pain of the time periods other than that of war. This is an example of the danger of one story seeing as some pain of the region during the time has not transcended the ages because the stories are not equally represented.

Art and Core Values

This artwork in the Latin American influence area of the Harn Museum appeals to my life's greatest value and that is family. The artwork seems to portray parents supporting and raising a child. I say parent because i understand the influence of a loving adult can often be gender-less. The visual representation of the artist helps exude the love that parents have for their children. I never had a whole lot growing up, but my mother and father did everything they could to at least get me some of the stuff i wanted, so the support of loving mothers and father have a large impact on me. The artwork expresses mostly pride in my family and my fuel for everything that I do is indeed family. I helps create a visual representation for what I believe family means to me.

Art and the Good Life

"The Anatomically Correct Oscar"

The work titled "The Anatomically Correct Oscar" I believe did the best to tend to the social issue of racism or discrimination. I feel it related most with the Good Life theme of Fighting for the Good Life. I do have a racial bias, but I feel it is general enough to simply address the idea of minorities having a set of issues that the majority often find themselves immune to. It adds to my understanding of Fighting for the Good Life because it connects how I feel to a democratic artwork of a controversial idea help by many more than me. I appreciate that i can share the same view as the artist, a sot of comfort in humanity.

Created By
Chase Owens

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