App Journal


  • 1. WhatsApp: Downloaded this app because it is a way to communicate with my family, friends and classmates. Solves communication problems, sending a text to arrange a meeting or for work.
  • 2. Twitter: This app is mainly about my friends, get to know their thoughts in a free space. Its purpose is for people to have their own page where each one can talk with freedom about their feelings or anything they want.
  • 3. Facebook: First app to download for having communication with family that does not live nearby. This app solves problems of communication, but also creates them as any other app. Its purpose is to entertain people from any age, navigating through the platform and getting to know some news.
  • 4. Instagram: Downloaded it because of its popularity. This app does not specifically solve problems, but can help some people that like posting pictures. Therefore, this app works better than Facebook in that aspect, considering its purpose is just posting pictures.
  • 5. Snapchat: This app was suddenly known everywhere, it sounded fun. Solves the problem that many people can have: not liking their photos. With this app, people can send pictures where they do not appear well-looking, but the app only lets the other person watch the picture for 1-10 seconds.


  • 1. App with several apps inside.
  • 2. Reads your mind to know which app you are in the mood for.
  • 3. Includes a mode where you can create your own game/app.
  • 4. Lets you communicate with your friends.
  • 5. Listen to music even though you are not in the app.
  • 6. Stores pictures, games, movies, etc.
  • 7. Can give you feedback about your clothes.
  • 8. Becomes a personal friend that talks to you when entering the app.


  1. Piano Virtual: This app is for people who like to play the piano, but that can´t do it because they´re not at home or just don´t have a piano.
  2. Dumb Ways to Die: This app is directed to all audience, little kids or adults can play this game just to have fun.
  3. Candy Crush: This is a game developed mainly for adults or teenagers that want to spend time in a game.
  4. Cut the Rope: Mainly used by kids who like the animations.
  5. FUT 17 Draft: This app looks like it is targeting people who play FIFA, this app will let them make their team from their cellphone and transfer it to their console.
  6. Sopa de Letras: This app might be focusing in adults, since they are the ones who like this kind of games.
  7. Madden NFL: This app is targeting football fans, with this app they can use their favorite players and teams.
  8. WhatsApp: It focuses in all genders and ages, mainly for friends to communicate but also used as a media to communicate with family.
  9. Liga Bancomer: This app targets people, specially men, who follow the Mexican soccer league, with this app they are always up to date.
  10. ESPN: Also targeting men, this app lets people know the results of almost every sport.
  11. Shazam: Targeting teenagers that want to know the name of a song they like.
  12. Conexión UVM: This app is for students from UVM, it might be for homework or a communication media.
  13. Cinepolis: Focuses in adults that like to go to the movies in a date or with their family.
  14. VSCO: This app lets you post pictures, it is mainly used by women.
  15. Mercado libre: This app is used by adults or young people that are interested in selling or buying personal stuff.


WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram are apps relatively easy to use. All the necessary information is provided, if there is something you do not know, the "help" button is easily reachable, so there is no problem in understanding or finding out what to do next.

On the other side, Facebook and Twitter are more complex apps since both of them have more options. In Facebook, you have many ways to communicate with a friend. With the new actualization, more emojis can be given, therefore, people with no experience in it would not know how to use them. Twitter is also being actualized, with the introduction of news and other media stuff, it becomes more complex.


This is an interactive app, by using the frontal camera, it can automatically sense your mood and present an app perfect for the moment. This is a good idea for people that don´t know what they are feeling in the moment, let the app help out and enjoy.

It also helps to choose your outfit, when someone is on a rush and doesn't have time to send a picture to their friends and wait for their answer, the app can instantly give you feedback in a few seconds.


My app will be one more friend to everyone, providing virtual entertainment and friendship because sometimes you need time alone and want to be heard.

  • Name: iFriend
  • Problem: Helps people to fulfill their interests.
  • My app will help people to know what they want and provide entertainment in the meanwhile.


BoogieBot GIF:

The app can make use, as mentioned before, of a camera to identify the user´s face and do all of the functions it´s supposed to make. It is also available to make use of a touchscreen as in an iPad, iPod or iPhone or any other mobile device. At last, a GPS can be used in some games or apps inside the app.


Idea Storm

  • Include GPS with the fastest way to get to the place.
  • The app can sense the weather and choose the clothes you should wear in order to be comfort.
  • Downloads apps instantly that are likely to be of interest to the user.
  • Has its own social media inside the app.
  • This app is the only app needed for the phone, no further apps will be needed.
  • When downloading the app, it becomes a folder where all the apps are stored, the extra is the type of "Siri" it contains, only that it has more options.


This app has a unique type of Siri. One of the problems of this Siri in iPhone is the misunderstood of some words and the lack of efficiency in making other things rather than looking for your answers in the internet. With this app, the inside-robot becomes your friend and gets to know almost everything you want and need.

Another app that is like this one, has mini-games inside of the downloaded app. The difference between them is that my app can download apps, not just mini-games.

People are likely to get confused when the app is not as they expected, with this app, an initial tutorial with the inside-robot will be explained interactively so there are no further questions.


  • Deference. The user interface is an important element for people that are starting to use the app, but it should never obstruct the use of the app, it must be hidden from the navigation.
  • Variety. Since it has many features, the app provides the customer different services.
  • Consistent. The app allows the user to find everything that he/she needs at the moment.
  • Colorful. It is a striking app that catches the attention of the customer with a colorful background and apps.
  • Clarity. The text is easily understood, the background changes if the text has a similar color.
  • Understood. With the added function of a robot, it is easily understandable when it speaks to the user.


The app that I found is "Missiles", it is an interesting app because of the simplicity of the icon, it has just a plane in it and its easy to identify the app when looking for it. The bright colors and the plane make it stand out from the other apps.

The app that I found interesting is the same as the one above "Missiles". This happens because you can start playing the game with a very brief tutorial, it is entertaining and easily played.

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