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Wait ... Who is this girl? Okay here i goes.. I was born and raised a beautiful, diverse and amazing city called Toronto. My real name is Falgune but i like to be called Falie. My name mean "Blossom of Flower". Apparently, my mom chosen this name because i am new ray of hope of my family or other people i have impact with.Anyways, My cultural background is kinda complete diverse you can say.. well technically we are basically Gujarati. My great grandfather was born and raised at India and at young age he shipped a small deck along his children and his wife. He was holding an compass that en route them into a beautiful land called Africa. They started building our family house at Tanzania and own a farm. Great great Dada ji was well known for coffee and milk farm. Later on my great dada ji has passed away when he turned 100 year old. My most handsome and stubbon grandfather Dada has took over and have looked after his siblings and his mother. Dada had drop out his school and took care of farm and keep earning living and provide foods and shelter for his family. Dada was oldest son of Dusara/ Ghella family. Later on, Dada decided to get married which he say yes for arranged marriage. He met my grandmother ( Dadi) at their wedding day. Oh boy how does it even happen? I can imagine dada and dadi must feeling waaaay too nervous on that day but they have been inseparable for 60 years together. They both have three children Ash ( My dad), Nita and Manisha. Dad moved to Toronto over 10 years ago and married mom from Tanzania brought her here. That how Mommy and Daddy got Milan ( My older brother) and me exist in the world. Therefore, My extended family have shifted to England, Portugal, India, USA, South Africa, Zanibar & Kenya. Some of my family lived in Tanzania.

Back to my story now, When I was two year old all of sudden I couldn't able to hear my parent voice and I wasn’t paying attention.. That when my parent got worried.When my parent took me to doctor and they found out i couldn’t hear well. I was diagnose severe hearing loss on both ears. As growing up around i was six years old and i was attending to elementary school and i was learned and taught to do Signs Language. On my right ear has dropped and suddenly became more deaf. I couldn’t hear almost exactly it was before. By the time, I was in grade 7, I was way behind on my school. I did many early intervention such as using speech therapist and wore FM System.My parent wanted me to get an cochlear implant for very long time. Cochlear Implant is an electronic medical device that replace the function of the damaged inner ear . It provide sound signal to the brain. (Cochlear Ltd, 2016, para 1).

How I did react after wearing them?

I was crying right before I was about put cochlear implant because I was really nervous. My Mom cried too. We both were actually scared. After, turning on the cochlear implant in my head. I was getting jump shock that I can actually hear!.. Such a miracle .. I will still never forget this memories.

Therefore, after getting an cochlear implant did help me a lot in my life. I catch up everything on my education, speech therapy and about to start high school. That was one reason why i became Social Service Worker & Developmental Service Worker to help children and older adults.

It is now 21st century, the world is arising with cool technology, fancy car, young enterprise and foods are becoming more expensive than past 10 years ago. The city of Toronto has changed a lot. I have notice people have become busier in their life. Everyone almost forget what is like to have self care. That has so much stress in their life. Do you know what is like to have low self esteem? Low self esteem is commons issue the people who deal in their live. Individual with developmental disabilities can have low self esteem in their life.

What is low self esteem? Well, first of all Self-esteem is an aspect of the way we view ourselves. It's different from self-image, which might describe a whole range of characteristics (such as 'I'm British' or 'I'm female') but without implying whether they are good or bad. Self-esteem refers to the overall opinion we have of ourselves and the value we place on ourselves as people. Low self-esteem means that the tone of this opinion is negative: for example, 'I'm unlovable' or 'I'm useless'. Of course most of us have mixed opinions of ourselves, but if your overall opinion is that you are a not enough or lesser person, if you feel that you have no true worth and are not entitled to the good things in life, this means your self-esteem is low. And low self-esteem can have a painful and damaging effect on your life. (Overcoming, 2008, Para.1) In summary, having low self esteem can bring you to have lack of confidence, being negative of themselves, feeling worthless and can led them into depression.

For the past couple week ago, I have learn a lot in counseling skill class. The counseling theory I would chose is CBT. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is used for people who have been depression, low self- esteem, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and any mental health issues. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is used for especially for adult and child who have issue with mental health. Cognitive Behaviors Therapy can also work with individuals with developmental disabilities and with dual diagnose. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a short-term, goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment that takes a hands-on, practical approach to problem-solving. Its goal is to change patterns of thinking or behaviors that are behind people’s difficulties, and so change the way they feel. It is used to help treat a wide range of issues in a person’s life, from sleeping difficulties or relationship problems, to drug and alcohol abuse, anxiety and depression. CBT works by changing people’s attitudes and their behavior by focusing on the thoughts, images, beliefs and attitudes that are held (a person’s cognitive processes) and how these processes relate to the way a person behaves, as a way of dealing with emotional problems. (Psych Central, 1995-2016, Para.1)

Cognitive behaviors therapy was invented by Aaron Beck in 1960. He creates a framework where the ideas how we thought, how we feel in emotions and how we act in as behaviors. These three factors are connecting together. It had shown the thought works to the feeling and behaviors. For example, “I am angry because my brother took my camera away. I am too weak to fight back with him so I decide punch him in his face”. The thought is “I am too weak”, feeling is “I am angry” at my brother and behaviors was punch my brother face. The counselor/DSW job is to explain this triangle framework and ask the client again in order if the situation arises again what would you if the brother take the camera away. I would have to re think what to do and what not to get in my ways. As well, another framework where the clients are tends to think negative and feel hopeless. As the counselor job is to restate the negative thought and switch to the problem solving in the future. For example, as my negative thought would be “my boss thinks I am not too smart to work in customer service at Longo’s”. If I had restate my irrational thought and restate what I have said. “I thought my boss didn’t want to put me in customer service because I am not too smart. I should talk to her why I didn’t get customer service position”. It change different perspective to re think what I have said.

For my second counseling theories i have chosen Person Client Centered. It was one my favorite therapy I have used for my clients at Newcomer Centre of Peel for my placement. Person Client Centered was invented by Carl Roger in 1950’s. Carl Roger invented that the therapy could be simpler, warmer and more positive than that carried out by behavioral or psychodynamic psychologists. His view differs sharply from the psychodynamic and behavioral approaches in that he suggested that clients would be better helped if they were encouraged to focus on their current subjective understanding rather than on some unconscious motive or someone else's interpretation of the situation. (Simple Psychology, 2015, Para.1) In Summary, It shown as a DSW can be non judgmental, give empathy, unconditional positive regards such as giving warmth, respect and encourages the individual with developmental disabilities. It is important to give person client centered because it helps to know the clients and to build trust in professional relationship. As well it will help clients want and their goals. It will bring quality of their life.

As Developmental Service Worker I would have to make sure to my clients to maintain confidentiality, use open space environment where the client is comfortable to the space, making sure I am using my activing listening such as giving out eye contact, use open end and close ended question, nodding, paraphrase, clarify and summarize. It will help me to become a better Developmental Service Worker in the future.

Therefore, I have chosen Cognitive Behavior Therapy & Person Client Centered for Individual with disabilities that have Low Self Esteem. The reasons why I chosen was Person Client Centered because it will build my professional relationship with the client by giving unconditional regards and knowing what the client want and to be an encouraged in their life. Cognitive Behavior Therapy can help me to understand my client’s thought, feeling and behaviors. Also, helping the client’s irrational into rational thought. It can change their perspective of thinking and try to think positive in their life.

In my personal experience, I have graduate Social Service Worker in Sheridan College. I am well known Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Person Client Centered. In the past, I used to work Newcomer Centre of Peel. I worked with the diverse clients from different countries, different genders, Individuals with developmental & intellectual disabilities, women who went through abuse, and newcomers youths. I have experience many traumas that have affect their life. I used to work with Intervention Specialist. She has taught me CBT and how CBT work with clients. I have witness a child draw picture and stories about situation they were in. Some client have language barrier and it is hard to communicate when you don’t understand the language. I had to ensure I make them feel welcome, use active listening, paraphrase and clarify. It is important to keep the client safe and healthy environment where they can feel comfortable and improve their quality in their life.


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