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Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky, 1809

Lincoln died in 1865 from assassination.

Abe Lincoln had many family members, some were Thomas Lincoln Jr, Robert Todd Lincoln and Thomas Lincoln

They went to a log school house, there they learned reading, writing and arithmetic

Abraham lived on a farm with his brothers and his parents. He built a log house with his father and lived a very comfortable life

Even though Abraham was only 8 years old, he was large for his age and had enough strength to swing an axe

Key terms

Segregation-the enforced separation of different racial groups in a country,


Dissociation-the disconnection or separation of something from something else or the state of being disconnected

Exclusion-the process or state of excluding or being excluded.

Isolation-the process or fact of isolating or being isolated.

Partition-(especially with reference to a country with separate areas of government) the action or state of dividing or being divided into parts.

Apartheid-racial segregation.

November 1860

Lincoln stood by the Republican Party's platform of 1860, which stated that slavery should not be allowed to expand into any more territories. He believed that the extension of slavery in new western lands would block "free labor on free soil", and he also wanted a peaceful, enduring end to slavery. As early as the 1850s, Lincoln was politically attacked as an abolitionist, but he did not consider himself one. Howard Jones says that "in the prewar period, as well as into the first months of the American Civil War itself....Lincoln believed it prudent to administer a slow death to slavery through gradual emancipation and voluntary colonization rather than to follow the abolitionist and demanding an immediate end to slavery. This is an example of how Abe was very brave and daring and he wasn't afraid of what was in the distance.


What was the issue?- The issue to which the person was standing up for was slavery. By making a speech as president to the people of America that slavery was banned. Why president Lincoln would do this is because Abraham hated slavery and the fact that a fellow human was being bought.

Why was it an issue? What was the mindset of the time?- Why this was an issue in the country was because African Americans (including children) were being bought and treated unequally from the other race which was the white men. The mindset of the time was all men (especially white men) were the most powerful people and it was a major issue (including death) if you spoke up to them. But when Abe Lincoln made his stand he sparked a revolution that men were not the most powerful, so this stand made the woman's rights stand.

What group of people would benefit from the stand?- the group of people that would benefit from the stand would be all African Americans. This is because they would finally be free from all of the torture and exhaustion from working on the plantations all day long. But now, they could live in happiness.

What group of people would not benefit from the stand? The group of people that would not benefit from the stand would be the slave owners because they are losing their slave who worked for them. So, this may mean the Slave owners may steal the slaves.



Civil war, American

The civil war was a war between two states. The North and the South. Why? Because the northerners wanted to end Slavery opposed to the southerners who wanted to keep it.

Emancipation Proclamation.

It was a document that led to the end of slavery in the United States. Why? Because slavery was a very bad thing and it needed to stop.

Compromise of 1850

A set of bills passed by the U.S congress in September, 1850 to settle slavery issues and preserve the union.

Fun fact: He really was a wrestler. Lincoln was documented as taking part in wrestling bouts. I don’t think he wore a mask or had a manager though?


Risk #1: The south attacking the north again and capturing the African Americans..

Why was this risk worth it? Because it meant the slaves freedom.

Risk #2: being beaten or even worse… death.

Why was this risk worth it?: Because it meant the slaves freedom.


Consequence #1: The consequence was the slaves having freedom. This was for all slaves.

Why was this consequence worth it to the person? It was worth it because it meant the slaves freedom.

Did the stand inspired others to act similarly or differently?

Yes. This act inspired people to act similarly and it inspired others to stay strong and fight against what you believe against.

Consequence #2: the second consequence ends in… death. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUNN

Why was this consequence worth it to the person or group?

Because this person could not stand the idea of a fellow man being tortured.

Did the stand inspired others to act similarly or differently?

It inspired others to act similarly. This is because people were taught to be honest strong and to fight the good fight.

Role of the media

Abe Lincoln wrote stuff himself and about his stand the newspaper.

Abe wrote in the New York Times

Abe wrote in the Chicago times

What did the media do in reaction to the stand? What the media did in reaction to the stand was write about it in their newspapers and posters. How the stand was covered was in interviews, newspapers, pictures and posters.

How did the media influence the public to feel? The southern media may have made Abe look like a bad person for abolishing slavery opposed to the north who made Abe look like a hero making everyone love him and respect him. I don't think a lot of the media coverage was fair. I think people in the south criticized him


Quote said by Abe Lincoln: “if a negro is a man, is it not to that extent a total destruction of self government to say that he shall not govern himself?”

What does the quote mean?: what the quote means is if a black person wants to become whatever he wants, is it wrong if he becomes that?

Quote said about Abe Lincoln: “Abraham lincoln, sustained the sublime and heroic North, and rendered our flag pure as the sky in which it floats.”

What does the quote mean?: what the quote means is, Lincoln held together the excellent and heroic North America. And also how he made our flag pure referring to letting the slave free.


After researching this topic, was the stand valid?: Yes this stand was very valid because by letting the slaves free made America pure and free.

What is the person or group's legacy?: I think that the person's legacy was to always to be honest and kind and never give up in what you believe in

Did the persons stand inspire other movements?: Yes it inspired the women's rights movement

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Abe lincoln memorial in Washington D.C

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