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1. President Reed Woodward explained the operating budget and tax rate for this year.

2. Attorney Bill Vande Castle gave an explanation of a proposed amendment that would allow the village to manage right-of-Way and impose fees.

3. Bruce Brzeczkowski proposed approval for the final plan for the Marquis Yachts Industrial Park.

4. Robert Van Lannen moved to approve the sale of a car that was seized from a criminal. It was sold to the highest bidder for around $3,281 and was a 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500.

5. The Board approved the purchase of the 2016 International 7400 Truck as presented by Joel Van Lannen to be used by the city for unspecified purposes.

12-05-16 Board Meeting Minutes
Event 5

The issue I selected is the approval of the purchase of the 2016 International 7400 Truck for unspecified city purposes. International is a brand that makes trucks for heavy hauling and construction purposes. I do not agree with how the city is handling the issue. They did not say much about why the truck was needed and made no mention of the cost, leaving citizens in the dark about where their tax dollars are going. If I were in charge, I would hold a referendum to see if the citizens approved the purchase, a form of direct democracy. If they needed a new truck so badly, they could have held a fundraiser, like the one they are currently doing for the Pulaski Police Department.

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