Sectionalism By: Ryann Davidson & Grace Sheetz

Underground Railroad: The Underground Railroad was an escape route for many slaves. Harriet Tubman was a Conductor. A conductor is someone who helps slave get away on a route. Pennsylvania was the first state to pass a law that eliminated slavery. As many has 50,000 African American's escaped. Working on the Underground Railroad was illegal and very dangerous, and many people risked their lives to help the slaves escape.

This is a Safe House.

Women's Rights: Women's rights were eliminated; they could not vote, serve on journey's, attend college, or enter such professions such as medicine or law. Married women couldn't keep their own wages or property. They didn't think this was equal and they demanded to have the rights as equal citizens. The Women's Rights Movement focused attention on Education. Gradually, American Society came to accept Women's Rights and accepted them to be educated and offered some jobs.

Equality was a right that Women wanted and demanded.

American Literature and Arts: During the mid 1800's writers and artists began to reflect their work American Optimism and Energy. They started to do work that was uniquely American.

In the early 1800's a new movement took place and the people started to have emotions for nature. So in New England they started the transcendentalism which was a sought to explore nature.

Ralph Emerson thought there was an importance to everyone, but Henry Thoreau thought people should live simple so he took up Emerson's offer and lived 2 years in the woods.

Ralph Emerson

Melville and Hawthorne began to change American Literature and began to write extreme emotions within them. Melville was the writer of Moby Dick.

Since Louisa Alcott wrote a novel that had young American heroines that were believable, Poets started to be based on American History.

Louisa May Alcott

Many artists and song writers started to do their work about landscapes, emotions, and everyday life. So many American Art and Songs started to Appear.



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