Mattie CH 10 L1 Dictators.

The world was in a depression, every country was struggling. But Germany was struggling the most. Being blamed for World War 1 they had to pay money to other countries leaving them in financial ruins . The Axis powers rise against the allies, this is the start of World War 2!

Adolf Hitler sall potential in becoming a dictator because Germany was not doing so great, and he thought he could pull them out of this depression by attacking other countries! He took over Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Britain and France!

Hideki Tojo was named prim minister of Japan! Japan took over most of China because it was rich with coal and iron!

Mussolini was dictator of Italy. He helped invad the places Hittler invaded such as Czechoslovakia. He also invaded the European country of Albania .

Joseph Stalin was the director of the U.S.S.R . Soviet Union helped Hitler so he wouldn't attack them.Helped invade Poland.

Charles de Gaulle was a French general who urged France to keep fighting and not give up.

America was nutral during the first part of world war 2! And FDR was president during this time!

And that is dictators in lesson 1 what will hapen next!

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