Chapter 19 Inventions By Jack Barrett

The Flying Shuttle

Created by John Kay, the flying shuttle was an invention that weaved faster on a loom. Because of the invention, weavers were doubling their output and yarn started to diminish. It was thenadapted work on a mechanic loom which would speed the process even more.

The Spinning Jenny

Created by James Hargreaves, the Spinning Jenny reduced the work needed to make yarn. Instead of having a worker on one spool, there could be a worker on eight or more spools. This idea was then prefects by Richard Arkwright who incorporated water power into the spinning Jenny.

The Steam Engine

Created by James Watt, the steam engine revolutionized the industrial world. It first was used to pump water out of mines at an even quicker rate. Then it was being used to drive machinery and power looms.


Created with images by Ben Sutherland - "Working an Industrial Revolution era loom"

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