culminating community where the freedom of fun is yours

"life is only good when its the best."
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rules: 1. at age ten you will be sorted and put into a group of your talents or abilities 2.if you don't have any talents you will be released, also if you don't do your job you will be released. 3.have to have 2 to 6 kids. 4. only 4 categories; science, athletics, arts, and engineering. 5. have to marry someone in same category when you are 18. 6. if not done what is asked/told you will be released out of the community. 7. at dwelling you will be asked to do certain things by mothers and fathers. 8. must have permission from judges to go to certain areas. 9.meals will be delivered to dwellings every day. 10. extra rules can and will be enforced if needed.

we are located on the coast Brookings which lies on the boarded of California and Oregon

a usual day for a member is fun and play full. they even have a schedule. schedule: 6am- wake up and get ready for day 8am-go to school 2pm-leave school go to enjoy life. 6pm-go home and spend time with family. 10;30-go to bed. also some of free time can be speant doing almost what ever.

the government is a democracy. every 8 years we get a new rulers/leaders for council.

it is a magnificent view. and dwellings will always look like dream homes located on the beaches. fun sports and great things are there. you also get to choose what religion you want to be a part of. most of the time you will not have homework if you are still young enough to be in the education system. music will play all day until 10pm. just enjoying the best things in life. natures best, and the peoples best.

dwellings look like this.

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