World War II Propaganda Ms. Hunt's Sixth Grade Class

Posters like Rosie the Riveter encouraged American women to join the fight against the Axis powers. Because most men were away at war, women had to take over many jobs. They joined the war effort by working in industrial factories, manufacturing war materials.

First, let's learn a little background information on propaganda. While watching, complete a KWL.

Uncle Sam persuades young men to join the war effort.

The famous Uncle Sam encouraged soldiers to also join the fight in a more direct way. His pointed finger told young men that they were needed for a victory against the Axis Powers.

Discuss in your table groups, would these posters be effective today? Why or why not?

Posters also persuaded people to donate resources, like money for victory bonds.

Posters were not the only form of propaganda in World War II. Commercials, cartoons, radio shows, newspapers, movies, books...the American people were surrounded by influential advertising.

Watch the video below and think about what emotions the creators were appealing to and preying upon.

Fear? Guilt? Perhaps even loyalty? Emotions were vital in keeping the momentum of World War II going. Propaganda created a chain reaction; one person was persuaded, and this one person would encourage others to support the war.

Propaganda poked fun at the Axis powers to keep morale and spirits high. Propaganda even found its way onto children's comics.

Can you think of any other advertisement that aims to persuade children, and therefore their parents?

What about characters on cereal boxes?

Overall, propaganda was a tool used through the world to persuade people to join the war efforts. By playing on fear, loyalty, a sense of duty, guilt and other emotions, creators were able to keep morale high. Without propaganda, we may not have won the war. Videos, films, radio, posters, comics all had a profound effect on the spirits and willingness to volunteer in the American people.

Drink Mountain Dew

Now it's your turn! Just like the silly Mountain Dew "propaganda" above, you are going to create your own! Make sure you use emotions, color, and theme to persuade your viewer to do something!


Created with images by DonkeyHotey - "We Can Do It!" • DonkeyHotey - "Uncle Sam - Original Poster" • BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives - "Advertisement for the 3rd Victory Bonds campaign, 1942 / Affiche publicitaire pendant la 3e campagne d’obligations de la Victoire, 1942" • JeepersMedia - "Winter Olympics Sochi 2014 Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Box"

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