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Portraiture pt.1
Dia de los Muertos Portraiture pt.2
Shangrila Rendon portraits pt 3




Slow Shutter Speed
Day of The Dead

About me

My name is Ketzally. I am a 14-year-old photographer from East LA. I am currently a Freshman at Anahuacalmecac. This is my 4th semester with Las Fotos Project. During my time with them I've been able to grow creatively but also as a person, I am now able to express myself without hesitation. I've been challenged a lot during the pandemic— from trying to perfect my portfolio but also just finding the motivation to shoot. It's been a challenge for sure but I've also been able to experiment a lot more with my surroundings. I’ve been able to get more comfortable shooting on manual and with low light settings, which is one of the reasons I enjoy photography so much. Through photography, I am constantly learning new techniques and how to adapt to different environments.

email: ketzallya12@gmail.com

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