Leprechauns overnight

Irish colors

Leprechauns are told that they come in the night the day before Saint Patrick's day. They love green and gold, and most things associated with Ireland and old Irish culture except snakes.

Gold chocolate coins

They watch over children and are sometimes overwhelmed with playfulness and tend to move things around in your home, that's how you know if one is living with or near you. And do not letthem deceive you although they are portrayed as green little tricksters, their cobbler suits are made of red cloth.

They are very mischievous and like to play games so if you can try to catch them the night before st patties day they won't get mad. Spotting them brings good luck but it is not an easy task and they like to play tricks on you. If you did a good job and they manage to escape or they favor your trap they will give you a prize.

A leprechaun "trap"

To spite you they often times leave shamrocks as a symbol of luck, or lack of luck you had in catching him.

Three leave clovers

If by chance you find a four leaf clover or the leprechaun liked you enough to leave you one, the rest of the year you will have good fortune.


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