Collage of Characteristics of Life Atesh Camurdan, Scientific Research Class 5, Due May 16, Genus: equus


This picture shows how horses grow.

Growth is when a living thing develops and is able to reach its full potential as an organism.

Showing the weight of horses over time

A good scientist in the advancement of horse science is Patricia Ochonski, of the Department of Animal Science in Penn State, who helped model the growth of twin quarter horses.


Horse throwing man off in fear - most likely he detected something that made him scared, causing a response in stimulus.

Response to stimuli is the ability of a living thing to react to any feelings they may have, like hunger or the smell of a predator.

A horse compliance graph
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Using Energy: All organisms use energy, because they need energy to be able to function in life.

Horses eating hay.

Current Event Summary: In the richest horse race currently, the Pegasus World Cup 2017, where the winner can win 7 million dollars, the horse Arrogate beat his rival, California Chrome, in a hard fought sprint race.

Evolution: To survive on, all living things evolve to better fit their environment

The evolution of a horse over 50 million years
A horse domestication graph related to horse lifespans

Current event summary: in 2016, it was discovered in a study at Harvard University that the first horses that were here millions of years ago were not nearly as fast as their modern counterparts.

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