6 components of greece By, jackson ruthig

the geography is so important to ancient greece because it sort of makes the cultures of city states like sparta and athens, one is good at trading the other is military leader. One the big reasons of this for sparta especially is communication, sparta can't communicate with athens or the others so it makes them isolated from the peninsula which was one of the main reasons for them being so violent and athens is not on an island it is part of the peninsula so they socialize and trade with others which make them elite economists

Tee class divisions of greece were simple there were citizens (men over the age of 18) with their families and non citizens. this makes them different because all of the other ancient civilizations don't use citizenship. the rights that the citizens have are voting, and the right to be a leader like in the elections.

the arts in greece are very well known and special a few examples are drama, when people act out plays, pottery, people making pots cups etc out of clay, then we have architecture, one of the most well known of all of the arts because of the unique sculptures that they made for example the parthenon and last but not least fables, fables are short stories that teach a lesson like the tortoise and the hare. the impacts that it had on greece were good trade because good art could get some valuables and food which could keep your family alive. it spreaded by how unique it was and how eccentric it was to look at and watch.

A direct democracy is where citizens can vote on leaders and laws, the pros of this kind of democracy is anyone could become a political leader, the cons would be that they would be pretty easy to overthrow if the people were with a bad leader, an example is Athens. A representative democracy on the other hand is where the people could only vote on the leaders, the pros are that the stress is a little less on the people, worrying about the laws that are voted on, the cons again are that it can be overthrown, an example is USA. An oligarchy is where a small council that makes all of the decisions, the pros, they could make good decisions, the cons, they could make bad decisions, an example is Sparta. A tyranny is where one person rules and they make all of the decisions, the pros, they could make good decisions, the cons are that he/she could be assassinated, this could mean the downfall of the country, an example is medieval Europe.

The Greek religious beliefs are mainly focused on the gods, Poseidon, Zeus, Athena etc. What they did to honor these gods is make statues and temples for them.

The Greek writing system is very similar to ours, because it has an alphabet while egypt and mesopotamia used symbols to write. Mou arései na koimátai se that means I like sleeping in in Greek


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