LEWIS AND CLARK ¨route of corps discovrey¨

The lewis and clark expedition was in 1803 to explore the northwest and observe everything there. After a long journey they travel to the missouri river, crossed the rocky mountains, and from the columbia river to the pacific all in three years. 1803 - 1806.

Key players in this "Route of corps discovery" journey were: Lewis, Clark, Thomas Jefferson, various Indian tribes, and Sacagawea . each of these "key players" have all helped out on the journey

Meriwether Lewis was an American explorer, a soldier, politician, and a public administrator.

Meriwether Lewis

William Clark, born August 1st 1770, was an american explorer, a soldier, a territorial governor, and an indian agent.

William Clark

Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd president, and sent Lewis and Clark and they're crew on their journey. when they officially completed the Louisiana purchase he started the journey because they had all this unknown land that no one has ever been to.

Thomas Jefferson

Sacagawea was part of an indian tribe and was very smart, brave, and showed courage. She helped Lewis and clark a lot in their journey. She grew up in the Lemhi Shoshone tribe, right near idaho.


A lot of indian tribes play a part in the journey, there was the Sioux, Cheyenne, and the Crows. These few tribes were just some of the many of the other tribes they came across and most of them helped them across their journey. in fact one of the tribes they came acrossed was one of Sacagawea's brother.

Accomplishments during this expedition were, establishing trade with native Americans, expanding and exploring into the west, and mapping out a huge part of America.

Lewis and Clark went through a lot on their journey expanding to new territory that no american has been stepped on. Some hardships and dilemmas that they faced on their journey were, traveling miles and miles every single day without a map without knowing what they were gonna face and where they were headed too, wildlife was a big deal all the different species of animals, and diseases that went around during their journey, Also the extreme weather impacted the expedition a lot and delayed the time.

During their expedition they came across new species, plants, and environment. Some of the animals they came across were Elk, Beaver, Black bear, Golden eagle. Plants that were found were Bearberry, Dwarf Sagebrush, and Pin cherry.

The route taken by lewis and clark was up the Missouri river, then to the Pacific, and Columbia river. They traveled with boats, by foot, and horses. They were traveling at 80 miles a day on their journey at one point.

Various tools and weapons were taken on this long journey. Some of the tools were, .54 caliber rifles, 176 pounds of gunpowder, 2o coats, 1,300 doses of physic, 4,600 sewing needles, and many other tools were brought along on the journey.


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