Mother's Day During Quarantine Gifts that moms really want this year.

Mothering during quarantine should be an olympic sport. Your routines have disappeared, your workspace is covered in craft supplies, and you are somehow expected to cook ALL the meals and teach Algebra??

COVID-19 has rocked the worlds of many moms. But each day they continue to show up and make the best of a scary and uncertain situation. So, this Mother's Day they deserve the best. Even if you can't leave the house.

5 Quarantine-Proof Mother's Day Gifts

1. Give Her What She's Been Asking For: "Just, Like, 5 Minutes"

  • 5 minutes to eat while actually sitting down
  • 5 minutes to go to the bathroom. Alone.
  • 5 minutes to read a book without getting interrupted and reading the same page ten times.
  • 5 minutes to shower. Or, at least change out of sweats.

It may seem simple, but giving moms the space and quiet to just sit and take a breather without worrying about what she needs to do next can be a powerful gift. It won't cost you a thing to create a "kid-free" zone somewhere in your house this Mother's Day where mommy can retreat to as often as she wants/needs.

2. A Dedicated Workspace

Balancing your computer on your lap while trying to breastfeed is a lot less glamorous than it sounds. For all the working moms who have had to bring their job into the home these last few months, give her a dedicated space where she can work without interruption. Maybe you convert a corner of the living room, create a workspace in the basement, or even curtain off the dining room. Make the workspace a peaceful environment with candles/diffusers, a comfortable seat, headphones at the ready, and strict rules that kids are not allowed to enter unless given permission.

3. In-Home Spa Day

You know what to do. Get out the epsom salt. Run the bathtub. Use the good lotion. Get the kids involved if they are old enough to know not to pull mom's hair instead of brush it.

4. Digital Party!

Know what moms miss the most? Target. But, since you can't give her Target, do the next best thing: Host a digital Mother's Day party!

Send out a Zoom invite to all her friends and close family, whip up some mimosas, and let her pretend she's out at brunch somewhere instead of in your messy living room. Get the kids involved by having them make "fancy" snacks like cucumber sandwiches and mini cupcakes.

5. Get Her Moving

The kids aren't the only ones who are cooped up and feeling antsy. Even though she may be running around in the home between chores and work and online schooling, mom is probably feeling restless from the quarantine.

Give her the gift of movement this Mother's Day! Go for a family walk on a nature trail, sign up for an online yoga class, or try a family exercise class like online kid's CrossFit. The endorphins alone will make mom feel good and help her shake off some feelings of anxiety that are common right now.

If all else fails, a card will do. But make sure you express just how much she is appreciated. Her patience, her creativity, her ability to adapt and, most of all, her dedication to showing up and doing her best even on the bad days.

Thank you, moms!!
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