D. cox Art 1 portfolio

Card 1: Line & Rhythm

Card 2: Shape & Movement

Card 3: Form & Proportion

Card 4: Color & Unity

Card 5: Space & Balance

Card 6: Texture & Repetition

Card 7: Value & Pattern

Card 8: Variety

Card 9: Emphasis

I learned to use lines and texture other stuff to come up with this card. The tight spaces were hard to paint.

I learned to use shapes and texture for this card. The hardest part about this card was the different shapes i had to use and witch color to use/ this is my favorite card because i like it better than all of the other ones that turned out and i like how the shapes and the colors are.

i leared to use lines, shapes and texture for this card. the hardest thing was to color in the small circles and to try and find good colors for a pattern.


Created with images by Loimere - "Barn"

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