Kosovo Conflict Taylor & Ireland

February 28, 1998 - June 11, 1999

Cause & Issue

The immediate cause of the Kosovo conflict (which was the land in between Serbia & Albania) was Slobodan Milosevic. He oppressed the ethnic Albanians that lived there for at least a decade before the war which led to resistance to Serb rule & the development of the Kosovo Liberation Army. The violence of the war between the Republic of Yugoslavia (Republics of Montenegro & Serbia) and the KLA in 1998. The Serbians were trying to "ethnically cleanse" by getting rid of the Albanians because they had control of the land that was religiously sacred to the Serbs.


  • Sept. 1998: NATO gives an ultimatum to Milosevic to halt the crackdown on Albanians.
  • Mar. 1999: An internationally arranged peace talk fails.
  • June 1999: President Milosevic agreed to withdraw troops from Kosovo. NATO called off air strikes. The UN set up a Kosovo Peace Implementation Force.


It is unclear why Milosevic suddenly accepted NATO's demand for ending the conflict because there was ten weeks of bombing, but the acceptance for welcome. NATO continued to bomb until the final details of the Serb withdrawal were out.


Kosovo is still in political uncertainty to this day.

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