Wolves in Yellowstone By Luca


According to wolf reintroduction changes ecosystem article Wolves were exterminated from Yellowstone by the government in the 1930's and they were reintroduced in 1995 because the wolves were an endangered species. Both of these events had major effects on the ecosystem both in and out of the park. In my opinion the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone was a good idea because it had so many positive effects on the Yellowstone ecosystem it had its cons but I think overall it was a good idea.QWERTYUIOPASD

The first things that happened were the wolves started to kill the elk more which kept them on the move and kept them from grazing as much. This meant that the willows grew back and the birds had a place to nest again.

Because there were more willows the beavers had more wood to make dams, these dams served as a good habitat for other river animals. Another thing that happened when the willows is that the river banks were more stable and they meandered less the rivers were also deeper.

On the downside, the livestock of the local ranches started to get eaten by wolves because they would den in the valley near the ranches when the elk were there, and when the elk moved out the wolves did not want to so they would eat the livestock of the local ranches for food.


As you you can(or can't) see the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone was a very good Idea because of all the animals that came back and the habitats that were made for them.


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