These are some french pictures of food and famous buildings.

IB facts

  • There are 16 IB world schools in france
  • 60 universities in France recognize IB.
  • The schools offer many subjects
  • primary years program is offered at 3 IB schools
  • Middle years program is offered by 1
  • diploma program is offered by all 16


  • Under President Francois Mitterrand, many new cultural monuments were commissioned in Paris.
  • The Eiffel Tower is one of the most popular landmarks in France.
  • 2 other well known monuments are the Arc de Triumph and the Notre Dame.
  • Another well known monument is the Louvre
  • In Colonial Williamsburg, it is more spaced out with smaller buildings unlike France. France has bigger buildings, more monuments, and there's less space.


  • The Louvre holds many famous French art and much more including the Mona Lisa.
  • Another painting is The Coronation of Napoleon.
  • French art consists of visual and plastic arts.
  • Claude Monet is a famous artist from France.
  • The French use a style of art called Art Nouveau which is used by other countries.


  • The culture of France has been shaped by geography and historical events
  • Christianity is the leading religion in France accounting 60% of French citizens
  • 50% of French citizens are Catholic
  • French regions have created their own specific cultural traditions.


  • French Onion soup is a popular soup across the world but mainly in France.
  • Baguette's are very popular in France.
  • Omelettes are a well liked breakfast option in France.


  • Some of the Music styles are classical, opera, and folk.
  • Popular modern day music in France is hip hop, pop, and rock.
  • One of the most famous musicians from France was Claude Debussy.


  • France has four major climate zones
  • It consists of hot summers and cold winters.
  • it rains a lot in western areas and mountainous regions. (pack a raincoat)

Interesting Facts

  • France is the most visited country in the world.
  • France has the largest and tallest bridge on earth at 1,125 feet.
  • The length of the bridge is 8,071 feet.
  • There's only one stop sign is the city of Paris.
  • The Tallest mountain in France is Mont Blanc at 15,777 ft
  • Paris was originally a Roman city.
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