Medieval Torture

Medieval Torture was used for many different things, for simple punishment, death sentence, humiliation and trial. Almost all of the methods included things that could easily bring harm to an innocent person.

The ordeals by fire, water, and combat were all relatively the same thing, you were if by chance you sunk, healed or you won and you would be considered innocent, but if you floated, didn't heal, or lost you would have been considered guilty of the crime you are accused of.

More methods were of humiliation, usually you would be brought out into public wearing something or being held in something you would be paraded around town or held in town square

This is the Scold's Bridle it was mainly used on women who gossiped, they would be paraded by their husbands around town, this kept the woman from speaking as well as publicly putting her to shame, it ad a metal bit with spikes on it that would be flat over the tongue keeping her from talking, it was also used on those accused of being witches

These methods wouldn't be used in present day due to their inhumane effects and the actions made. The Medieval time era was called the dark ages for a reason and we just have to look at the punishments for that.


Created with images by Manuel J. Prieto - "Medieval knight" • Glen Bowman - "Scold's Bridle/Witche's Bridle (The Witch Trials) - The Museum of Witchcraft - Boscastle, Devon" • Jirka Matousek - "Moravská Třebová"

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