College Drinking What are you thinking?

College drinking can be a confusing experience. Students may find themselves in predicaments that leave them in regret. The pressure that comes with fitting in may lead students into situations that they never planned to be in.

The idea of going to a college party seems so glamorous from the outside. When you arrive on campus as a freshman, you are eager to attend one of these events.

These parties are the highlight of the weekend on most college campuses. The majority of the student body looks forward to these events.

But once you are there at there at the parties you experience people and situations that are everything but glamorous.

The friendly nature that college parties produce make these events attractive from the outside looking in. Having plans on the weekend with your friends is a major part of the college experience. Going to parties with your friends creates a comfortable atmosphere that promotes some risky activities.
In an environment with your peers there is always pressure. In a college environment where there is pressure to fit in and be normal, peer pressure is a major issue in college drinking scenarios. In these situations where students feel pressured, they usually end up falling in the cycle of destruction.
College drinking will never lead to positive outcomes. In the beginning drinking seems like a fun experience. The party life is just another way to get out and share a good time with your friends. Having fun with friends is not bad thing, but participating in the irresponsible use of alcohol leads to a ruined evening.


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