Too Young to Act Older? BY ELLA FLAKE

Did you ever look at makeup when you were younger, or even now wondering if you could smear it on your face, or try to put it on your mother’s face? Well I have. Apparently, other young people have felt this way too. For example; there is a girl that wears a full face of makeup almost everyday. She is also the daughter of a famous couple, Stella Spelling, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's daughter. On the other hand, their are many "tweens" talking about their opinion regarding the rules of younger people wearing makeup. Also there is a 5-year old makeup expert that posts videos on YouTube.

Just too Young?

The girl’s name is Stella, she wore a tube top while wearing bright red lipstick. Her mother posted the picture on Instagram. Also, did I mention that she is only six years old. I feel that it is too much, too early. Next Arthur Walker, the Bronx father of an 11-year-old girl, points out that this is just unacceptable. The exact words of Arthur is; ”When a little girl is half-naked with makeup on, it’s like, whoa — what are you doing?” I agree with him in a way about the half naked part. But I feel like since it’s a special occasion she can wear the makeup.

Instagram post of Stella Spelling. She is wearing a tube top and red lipstick.

People with Experience

Not just parents put their opinion out into the world. Younger people do that too. For example, ChocolateistheAnswer, age 13 explains her opinion which is that it’s really how you and your parents feel about wearing makeup at a younger age. “It really depends on how you and your parents feel about makeup. As a younger child,”. I also agree that the parents have a say in your heavy makeup. Maia, age 12 said that she went little by little at each age. For example “At 8, lip gloss and light mascara are OK. At 10, add eyeliner, eyeshadow, and concealer. At 11 or 12, increase all of these, but no heavy makeup. At 13-plus, anything's OK.”. I feel like that is a little heavy. (I can’t wear anything but gloss). Aubrey, age 13 shares her opinion. “It depends on your maturity level, and whether you're wearing it every day or just around the house for fun. At 8-plus, it's OK to play around with makeup; wearing it outside the house, you should be 10-plus if your parents think you're more mature.”. I play around with makeup and wear it in the house too. I love that other people feel the same way.

Different kids playing with makeup. Whether it's face-paint, child makeup, or normal makeup.

Young Gurus

The five year old’s name is Madison Hohrine, she has a YouTube channel, (mzzclipper12) where she records herself doing makeup tutorials. She had an interview with ABC News. She has 276,459 views and 81,522 subscribers. Madison’s mother, Mary Hohrine. Mary believes that what her daughter is doing is just ordinary fun. Madison says that makeup is for anyone but for adults. She is not allowed to wear it on a daily basis. She can only wear makeup “outside” on the 4th of July. Mary said from the article “ She's just a regular five-year-old. She's just pretending, it's the same thing if she were dressing up in my clothes or wearing high heels. When she starts asking to wear makeup every day or she's wanting to put on makeup every day, then I'd be getting a little worried.”. I agree with that because she is just five years old not even seven. That's crazy that Madison can do that at just five. I could not even do that at seven.

That is Madison doing a look

There's a difference

From tube tops to five year old experts, I’d say that many people are wearing the right amount of makeup. But some need to tone it down.

The difference between young kids and adults.


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