Why horses are the BEST animal. By anthony Valentin

They are one of the best animals because they have been around for a super long time (50,000,000)and have allied with human progress In daily life and CAVALRY.


cavalry has been used for a very very long time. Most of the earliest armies use horses to pull and carry warriors in horse-drawn carriages. Advantages of using horses are they are TALL, lots of SPEED(average horse can run 25-30 miles an hour), and internal mass over opponents.

Some historians think that early humans might have hunted them and then realized how useful they are.

They are also useful because they carry people and pull wagons. In the early 1900s they were apart of daily life.

Machines started to take over the jobs for horses for example In 1915 there were more than 21,000,000 and in 1955 it was 3,000,000


Horses eat grass/hay so it didn't really impact the food supply. Padded neck collars would help horses be able to move things like plows, railroad cars, charriots, and other vehicles.


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