OUR MISSION: Is to use our physical and spiritual resources to care for one another so we can impact the hearts and health of our community.

OUR VISION: Is to trust our intuitive ability to support and care for our community in a way that honors our history, practices our faith, and celebrates our culture.

Our values matter

OHIP provides us with time and space to reconnect with each other in an authentic way. Our shared values are our foundation that help us achieve our goals to live a healthy life together.

What are your values? What can you bring to OHIP?

We help each other

OHIP is a community health project of the NRCDC. It came to existence in 2017 as an extension of the OST/South Union community garden. We want to increase our capacity to create more programs, services, and policies that prioritize equity, sustainable healthy behaviors, and overall health for OSTSU residents.

The Episcopal Health Foundation generously funded an effort to support community health impact in the following areas:

  • Access to Healthy Food
  • Safe Places for Physical Activity
  • Neighborhood Safety
  • Mental + Emotional Wellness
  • Leadership + Civic Engagement

OHIP is a fantastic example of what happens when we authentically link community health resources with our resident's lived experiences. Together, we've been able to see what a multi-generational, caring, and collaborative community can do to live a happier, healthier life!

What we want


  • We want to earn a livable wage where we can afford healthcare. We want total well being.
  • We want diverse industries and restaurants to move into our community so we have convenient healthy food and service options.
  • We want to know what risks we may be facing that we don’t know about regarding foods and environmental contaminents.


  • We want each member of our community to take part in keeping our community emotionally and physically well.
  • We want to feel safe with each other and in our neighborhood.
  • We want our neighborhood to be kept clean for our children's healthy, sustainable future.


  • We want services from the City of Houston (appropriate and trusted).
  • We want our peers to be focused on what’s good for all of us.
  • We want an empathetic connection across generations.
  • We want consistent practice of our values in and outside of our homes.
  • We want to understand change takes time.


  • We want more opportunities for games and activities that keep people interested, healthy, and socially connected.
  • We want to share the fun with neighboring communities and friends.
  • We want to feel safe when doing physical activities by ourselves and with our families.

Stay connected

The Green Ring

The Green Ring is a way to share the news about how your neighbors are staying healthy. Listen to a fun telephone update with real life stories about how we're using better quality foods to help us get stay ahead of our health. The Green Ring is every 3rd Tuesday of the month and is delivered to a phone number of your choice.


Our monthly e-newsletter provides important updates about health and wellness in our community. We share the results of how we're impacting healthy food access, mental health, neighborhood safety, physical activity, leadership and civic engagement.

Social Media

Join Us on Social Media!

Find out what's O-HIP in our social media channels. You'll find links to important articles, photos of you and your neighbors, event information, and it's a place for you to share your successes.

Be O-HIP at Events!

Nothing beats the heat like chillin' with kids!

We are a community of 19,000 residents of many different ages and experiences. OHIP events are designed to create meaningful connections that inspire health, safety, sharing, and learning - together!

When you come to an OHIP event you are honoring our community values by practicing our tradition of supporting one another. It's that simple.

Sharing is caring

OST/South Union is a special community with an important history and a powerful future. We want to make sure we're always in control of what direction we take for tomorrow. Contact us to be a part of any of our initiatives.

Community Partnerships That Work

OHIP is the result of a collaborative partnership between the Southeast Houston Transformation Alliance (SEHTA) and OST/South Union Go Neighborhoods. The Neighborhood Recovery Community Development Corporation (NRCDC) hosts the partnership as a fiscal sponsor and the partnership is funded by the Episcopal Health Foundation. Visit Go-Neighborhoods.org/SouthUnion for complete details.
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