Ka Malu O Island


Decisions are oligarchy ruled, the one(s) with the most money/ most values to offer the island will rule. Relatives would be considered and our one leader is permitted to stay until death.

Laws and Decisions of the will be discussed in group meetings of the island most valued and gifted people.

Leaders and Elders are respected, selected to advise and guide other islanders through times.

Leader is given the responsibility of leading others. Leading others in the right path/directing. Assuring their duties and acts on the island are positive and completed. The leader will have the responsibility of setting a role model and a positive representation of hard work.

LAWS - do unto others as you would do to you (kindness and collaboration), an eye for an eye (stealing from others is shamed upon and will result in missing limbs as punishment), Murder (Punishable by death ordered by leader/law enforcement, Avoiding working conditions (Result in extra work), No having children to avoid over-population (Sexes are separated from each other during nightfall, Babies will be recycled into the ocean)

All people on the island are required to put forth their efforts in surviving. Each member of the island must contribute to food collecting, making stable shelter to sleep in, healing of the people. Children ages 0-17 will adventure and scatter in groups to collect items for shelter and fire for warmth. Children also spend time with Elders in order to remain wise and minded. Ages 18+ will gather for food, making clothing. Ages 65+ will carry knowledge and council our islands people from their fears/experiences in the island. We look to older people for their wisdom


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