Your Name's IcingTechniques Baking & Pastry Arts

Part 1: General Icing Techniques

Plain or Round Tip (#4-7)

Demonstrate smooth, even printing of writing or your initials or your name.

Outline a design and fill it in using these tips.

Open or Closed Star Tips: Suggested: # 17, 47, 78, 106-207

Produce matching/uniform star shapes, about 6-8 inches long.

Make a uniform/even shell, about 6-8 inches long.

Make a uniform rope border, about 6-8 inches long.

Sheet Tips (# 65-67):

Produce 3 leaves.

Petal/Ribbon tips (#101-104)

Produce a rose or rosebud.

Part 2: Cookie Design


Draw/color a rough sketch of your design using the template below and Notability or Adobe Draw apps.

Take a picture of the final product to create a side-by-side or top-below comparison of your rough sketch. Keep in mind you will need produce the actual design and include at least three of the bulleted items on your rubric.

Part 3; Cake Design


Include link to the cake recipe with properly cited recipe source

Picture of completed product that includes at least 3 bulleted techniques found in your rubric.


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