Go-Kart: Project NK David Cianfaro

Problem statement: We were given the challenge of building a Go-Kart that is powered by nothing except a drill. The Go-Kart will need to pass 3 courses testing three different things, handling/control, acceleration/top speed, and endurance/ efficiency. We are given from now until we graduate( 3 Months) to finish this entire project. All of this is to be completed with a $25 budget, while being provided with an 18V drill, 1 sheet of 3/4in plywood, miscellaneous hardware, and wood glue.


A drill will power our gear train with a smaller gear on the drill and a larger gear on the wheel. Having a smaller gear on drill will allow the drill to create more spin allowing the larger gear on the wheel to spin faster, creating more speed. This may be found on all of our wheels as we are trying to achieve all wheel drive. (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/417075615470825202/)
This is the most common, basic design we observed online. It is possible that we will use this as our final design but we very likely will make a multitude of adjustments to have it better fit for bigger people and to allow for more speed. We may also have more Drills and a different string system for more speed and control. (http://motortorque.org/videos/this-dad-made-his-son-a-go-kart-powered-by-a-drill)


This is what we are planning on making the base of the Go-Kart look like. The line through the Go-Kart represents the string system that may be attached to the peddle to power all 4 drills on the Go-Kart.
This picture gives the dimensions we plan on using for our Go-kart to allow the tallest person in our group sit comfortably.
This is a top and side view of the Go-Kart with a new measurement and design.
This is a front axel picture with updated measurements and design.
A rough over head view of the body with measurements.
An idea of how the drill will be set up with a clamp system to allow for a smoother drive and more efficient power.
This is the rear of our car with measurements of the axel and seat. With their distance from the rear of the cart.
This is a top over view detailed sketch of our entire Go-Kart with exact measurements. Along with where everything on our cart will be placed exactly.
This is a side view of what the wheel will be like and its length.
These are our pedals, all with the same measurements. The Break, Front, and Rear pedals all will be identical.


Cody is hitting in our arm rests into mortise and tenon joint to stay secure. He does the same to the back rest of the chair.
The back support locked into the Mortise and Tenon joint with the ever famous BMW logo for flare.
Full assembly of our seat and arm rests in our chassis with our axels underneath our main frame. The only thing missing is the pedals, wheels and the wire system that goes with the steering wheel.
We have now we have implemented the wheels and axle system that will allow our car to run. Along with putting on the axles, the screws used on the axles will also be used within our steering system.
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David Cianfaro


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