English 150-047 Andrea Tancredi

The class is currently focusing on a Unit 4 Bibliography. This unit was stressful but helpful for future research papers that we will need to write.

This General Education Outcome(s):analyze the writing situation, identify needed information, and locate the appropriate information

for their writing & assess sources and information

For Unit 4, we had to research a question and make an annotated bibliography for that research question. This was to help prepare us for research papers that are soon to come our way in future English classes. This showed us many helpful research techniques and how important MLA formatting and grammar will be in the future. I had never done an annotated Bibliography in high school, so this was a challenge for me, but with the help of examples and Purdue Owl, I got the grade I wanted.


Dr. Pavletic ran us through an activity to show us the course outcome of organizing our ideas effectively. After going back and mapping my paper out, I rewrote the paper and got a significantly better grade. I learned to constantly highlight my thoughts and ideas through my papers to keep me on track of my original goal. I learned that I need to do this because I do get sidetracked and my brain thinks faster than I can type. Learning Outcome: Organize their ideas effectively

McGraw Hill Connect was an insane challenge and had me constantly frustrated on what I didn't know. Using the internet and other notes, I slowly got less frustrated and more done in less time.

General Education Outcome: produce effective written communication demonstrating appropriate use of language, sentence

structure, grammar, and mechanics

McGraw Hill is an online program that gives you multiple assignments and learning opportunities. Dr. Pavletic expects 25% of it done per unit. It was struggling at first but with patience and taking time to read what it is trying to teach you helps a lot and you will get it done a lot faster. The knowledge this gives you will forever help you with your grammar and spelling for future classes, because you will never forget why you missed that one question when you had 1% left.

Unit 2 Analysis

Dr. Pavletic took a day and mapped out exactly what she was looking for in our Unit 2 paper. Our paper was an analysis about an ad, and what we thought it said about society, if it was effective, and what our thoughts were on it. I often linked analysis and research paper together and got a little messed up, but through her mandatory conferences BEFORE the paper is due, she explained what I should actually aim for. This will help us in the future for analysis papers and how we should go about writing them. General Education Outcome: analyze the writing situation and choose appropriate methods of organizing effectively Course Outcome: state and support assertions

Peer Review

Peer review is highly valued in this course. There are peer review folders that you do outside of class through google docs, and in class peer review and feedback on a hardcopy. This helps see what you're missing and help others do the same. This also helps if you are stuck in a paper and cannot find what else to write about, someone else might find something in your paper to elaborate on. Course Outcome(s): edit a document for consistent point of view, standard grammar usage, mechanics and punctuation & critique other’s drafts and work collaboratively on a writing problem.

Picture of class actively Free Writing. Course Outcome(s): develop ideas and find reliable resources for their writing & analyze and define the purpose of their writing.

Free Writing is something the class does at the beginning of the day. We have 10 minutes to write about a given topic and to not stop for those 10 minutes. We did this to just get us writing, because we never knew if a good idea would pop up. This will help me in the future if I am ever stuck on a paper and need to clear my head to help come up with more ideas.

Library Research Day

After lecture from a librarian at FLITE, we needed to put what he had told us to use in SmartSearch for our annotated bibliography. He taught us the importance of key words, alternative thinking for a topic, and how to use to library's resources effectively. This is will later on when we have huge research projects and need resources such as these. General Education Outcome: adapt to the workplace and produce a variety of written documents as required.

Brain Food

There is a lot to do for this course but everything has a reason. Dr. Pavletic has made it very easy for everyone to get the grade they want and is very understanding yet strict when necessary. This course differs from high school because it is constantly moving, there is always something due, and Dr. Pavletic will continue to set higher expectations for you to follow. Time management is insanely important and will forever be a quality that will make your life easier. Dr. Pavletic being an awesome cook makes life a little easier as well.

Peer Review

This group is talking about what they all could do better on their projects. Peer review is not meant to bring someone down or make them sad about their writing. Peer review is to help others get the grade they deserve and point things out that they might not have noticed. General Learning Outcome: analyze and define the needs of their intended audience & work effectively with others.


College is different from high school mostly because of how fast pace it is. At the beginning of the semester I struggled a lot with making sure I had everything needed done. Dr. Pavletic gives you serval chances to gain extra points in a lot of different ways such as journals, weekly emails, and short writes. Keep checking the syllabus, calendar, and her announcements on blackboard to stay updated. Give meaning to your work and try your hardest. General Education Outcome: analyze and define the purpose of their writing.

Track Girls

You will meet a lot of funny characters through some of the activities Dr. Pavletic pans out. People will start to bond in their small groups and you will see a familiar face walking through campus. General Education Outcomes: Work effectively with others.

Mapped out paper

If you find a problem in your paper but you do not know specifically what it is, it is important to stay organized and not get frustrated. A great way is to read through your paragraphs backwards and see where you changed topics, also highlighting in different colors will always make things more visual for you. Course Outcome: Analyze the context and purpose of a writing problem

Group Work

This activity was very fun because we had this class during Halloween. Every person got a character assigned to them and had to explain why their character was the best for a mission. People reached out and asked what everyone else had and how they could really make themselves sound even more awesome. Course Outcome: choose words and tone of voice appropriate to a given audience & improve their content and style using feedback and revision.


This course requires a lot of in and out of class time. This course should not consume you, but you will constantly be able to do something else for it. Dr. Pavletic grades hard and fair, but lets you rewrite. You are able to get the grade you want, but with a little work. Take time to organize your thoughts and assignments through out this course and you will succeed.

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